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Useful kitchen tricks

Almost all women spend a lot in the kitchenTime, preparing a variety of dishes for themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes it happens in joy, but periodically, especially after a hard working day, cooking takes all the strength and time from the landlady. For this we collected 9 Tips for the kitchen, Which, most likely, you will be useful. Read and remember!

Tricks in the kitchen

  1. How to make scrambled eggs
    Not always scrambled eggs turn out lush andBeautiful in appearance. So professional cooks share one secret: to make it lush, add cold soda water to the eggs (1 egg of 1 tbsp water) and whip the mass thoroughly.
  2. Scrambled eggs

  3. How to make the pasta and rice do not stick together
    That macaroni and rice do not stick together during cooking,Add some sunflower or olive oil to the water. Apply this trick if the dish is served hot. If the same pasta or rice will be used to make a casserole or other dishes, put them in a colander with cold water immediately after they are cooked.
  4. Rice

  5. How to remove bitterness from an onion
    Remove the bitterness from the onion can be as follows: after cutting, put the onion in a colander and rinse with boiling water.
  6. bow

  7. How to cook a delicious vinaigrette
    Vinaigrette is prepared in almost every family. But it is not every mistress who can make it especially tasty and very soft. Disclose the secret: add to the dish 1 tbsp. L. Milk and 1 tsp. Sahara.
  8. the vinaigrette

  9. Than to replace mayonnaise
    If the house is over mayonnaise, do not rush to run to the store. Take sour cream, add crushed egg yolk of hard-boiled egg and 1 tsp. Mustard. The taste will be very much even nothing.
  10. mayonnaise

  11. The secret of a good yeast test
    Do not start to prepare a yeast dough from foods,Which you just got from the fridge. All ingredients should lie for half an hour at room temperature. This will make the dough more lush and accelerate its rise.
  12. yeast dough

  13. How to give an appetizing shine to pies
    A trick for beginning housewives: that the closed pies and rolls shone, before baking grease them with the beaten up egg, milk or sugar water. When greased with yolks, the best shine is obtained.
  14. Pies

  15. Than to replace wine in sauce
    If you do not drink alcohol or youThere is no home of white dry wine, but you need to prepare a sauce with its contents, then for you there is a simple solution. Solve two slices of sugar in a small amount of vinegar.
  16. wine

  17. How to preserve the color of cabbage
    Chop cabbage, beat it with boiling water, and then pour for a minute with cold water. Squeeze and fry or carcass in a frying pan. Thanks to this, the cabbage will not turn brown.
  18. cabbage

These tips are very practical for beginners, and already for the more experienced. Take a note, use it and share it with your friends!