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Uniform food

People do not cease to amaze with their desire to surprise with something new, especially in matters of eating. Here, it would seem, has long been studied by nutritionists and Nutritionists, But Nathan vibe, the author of one of the famous blogs, tried to eat the same food every day and even extracted from this experiment a favor!

It is noteworthy that the well-known blogger pushed this style of food ... with the wardrobe of the most successful and famous people in the world!

According to the experimenter, such world-famous personalities as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein, simplified their wardrobe and wore the same clothes every day.

«Although I'm not a famous director or mathematician, I decided to simplify my diet just as these people simplified their wardrobe. This brought me great benefit! "- admits the blogger. Here are 5 reasons why we should trust him.

Monotonous food

  1. Willpower persists for more important issues
    In the opinion of the author, willpower can be compared with muscles, since it has the property of getting tired of frequent use. Do you want to save it for the right questions? Limit use!

    The presence of a constant number of dishes helps to maintain will power for more important decisions, and also helps to abandon the unhealthy foods offered during the day.

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  3. All dishes bring the body good
    If you eat only useful foods,The body becomes slim and healthy. After such a style of eating will become your constant companion, you will easily refuse to eat delicious, but harmful food in favor of habitual and useful.
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  5. There is no need to constantly think about food
    The blogger emphasizes that there is no need to constantly think about your daily diet.

    For many it will be a real salvation: in the refrigerator there is always a usual set of products that can be varied with gravies, sauces or seasonings.

    Simplifying your diet, you do not need to worry about it anymore!

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  7. Saving time and money
    The less required ingredients, the shorter the list of purchases. This will help not only save money, but also significantly reduce the time spent in the grocery store.
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  9. Healthy habits give peace of mind
    «Simplifying the diet, you can put your health on the autopilot", - admits the blogger. The lack of constant concern for the daily menu contributes to mental equilibrium, reduces stress and anxiety. And this is also a huge step towards health.
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Probably some will call it madness. Others - an excellent experiment that has the right to exist. And still others will try and make their own conclusions. Tell your friends about this experiment and share your opinion on this matter!