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How to digitize a video cassette

Video cassettes are now a rarity, but how much usefulInformation is stored there! Home video is something that you want to review again and again. Remember the time that has gone forever, it is so useful. One click of a button on a video recorder - and you are quickly transferred to a children's party, where you can hardly recognize yourself in a funny suit.

Only that cumbersome player is not enough for anyone now - discarded as useless. And precious records are stored and waiting for their high point! It's good that you can Convert vhs format In ordinary digital without any problems. All you need is an adapter and an irresistible desire to touch history.

The video converter successfully records video signals withAny analog sources (video recorder, video player, video camera) in digital form. Before you start working, make sure that there is enough free space on the hard disk of the computer - 5 GB usually suffices with a head for the video conversion procedure. Look at the video about how clever Donald Bell copes with the task of digitizing video.

How to digitize a video cassette

So to digitize the video, you needVCR, treasured video cassette and adapter capture elgato video - it is used in the video donald. The main thing is to insert the cable correctly. While you are enjoying watching an interesting video, it will be written to your computer. Files in the formats h.264 and mpeg-4 (640x480) can be processed using special programs for video and viewed on a computer and a smartphone.

Do not let the house archive of friends disappear - show them this article about how you can digitize a record from any video tape. I'm sure this will inspire the feats of many ...