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A simple way to remove the ring

Probably, there was a trouble with everyone when The ring got stuck On the finger and shoot it had to with a hugeWork. We hope that everything ended well, and with the help of soap, it was possible to remove the ornament from a place of violence. And what if the ring gets stuck stronger and soap is no longer able to help?

Redaction "so simple!" Offers you a simple way to solve this problem. It is no longer necessary to worry about the safety of the ring and finger. Only two minutes, and the ring will be removed literally itself!

How to remove the ring

To release the finger you need only a small piece of nylon thread. And further manipulations are shown in this Short video.

Be sure to remember the information from this video. Even if you do not wear rings, you can always surprise everyone with your sharpness and save a person from injuries. And do not forget to tell your friends about this simple and useful way Take off the ring.