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Basket of newspapers

Every person should have a favoriteTime of which you can relax not only your body, but also your soul. Some prefer active pastime, others - passive. But all these people, no doubt, can be called happy.

In the endless turmoil of days, they learned to allocate time for hobby (Remember when you last wanted to do somethingSomething for the soul, but "the hands did not reach"), they are able to relax and distract from the problems, they receive moral and aesthetic pleasure from their favorite occupation ... you will not enumerate everything!

If you do not have a hobby yet, check out our master class on Making a basket. Perhaps, this idea will interest you, and soon the hobby will turn into real earnings!

Basket of newspapers

You will need

  • Small box
  • glue
  • Tassel
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Clothespins
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard
  • spoke
  • Tubules from newspapers

Basket of newspapers


  1. To start making pipes. Cut the newspaper into equal strips about 3.5 cm wide with scissors or a clerical knife.
  2. Basket of newspapers

  3. Make as many strips as possible, and you will not be distracted by their manufacture while weaving the basket.
  4. Basket of newspapers

  5. Use a knitting needle to wrap the corner of the paper, as shown in the photo.
  6. Basket of newspapers

  7. After the tube is ready, fix the tip with glue.
  8. Basket of newspapers

  9. You can even color the resulting tubes in different colors.
  10. Basket of newspapers

  11. Attach the tubes to the cardboard with glue, press the clothespins.
  12. Basket of newspapers

  13. To make a frame, you need to take 30 tubes. Fix them in the order that you see in the photo.
  14. Basket of newspapers

  15. Now stretch the ducts-twigs through one and gently whip the basket.
  16. Basket of newspapers

  17. Use the clothespins again to fix the tubes.
  18. Basket of newspapers

  19. Fix the problem areas with glue and you can safely paint the resulting basket!
  20. Basket of newspapers

At first glance it seems that Create crafts Their own hands is very difficult. But it's worth trying - and this new occupation is so exciting that you involuntarily wonder how you could live without it before!

If among your friends there are those who like to make crafts with their own hands - they will probably be interested in this article. Create and be inspired!