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How to choose and use perfume

Odor affects the perception of othersPeople are much more than the appearance. So the choice of perfume must be approached responsibly. First of all, focus not on the fashion brand and advertising, but on your own feelings.

Choose the fragrance that you like. We collected for you 11 Perfumery lifhak, With which you easily find your favorite fragrance and will use it correctly.

How to use perfume

  1. So as not to leave the fragrance on the clothes, put it on the naked body after the shower. Also in this case, the damp skin will better absorb the smell of perfume.
  2. If you want, that the aroma has lasted on a skin longer, preliminary put on a pulsing points a cream without a smell or Vaselinum.
  3. Spray the spirits selectively at such pulsating points - wrists, the inner fold of the elbow, the decollete zone, behind the ears and between the collarbones.
  4. after Applying perfume On the skin do not rub it and do not rub it, it can change the fragrance.
  5. If you want the smell of perfume to be less sharp, spray it in the air and stand under the spray.
  6. It is better not to spray aromas on an alcohol basis on the hair, so that they do not dry out. Use for this purpose special means.
  7. If the smell on the skin is felt stronger than you expected, then use napkins to remove makeup. They perfectly wash off superfluous.
  8. When choosing a fragrance, put it on your wrist and wait to dry it. In the first few minutes, the top notes that quickly evaporate can affect the perception of the fragrance.
  9. Put on the bottom of the box in the dresser or cupboard a tissue paper, sbryzni her favorite perfume and then the clothes will always smell slightly your favorite flavor.
  10. So as not to carry constantly a bottle of perfume, soak them with cotton swabs and put it in a bag with a clasp. Use the chopsticks when you need them.
  11. in order to Expiration date of spirits Has not expired before, keep them in bright, ventilated places. The room where the perfume is located should not be warm and wet. So do not keep perfume in the bathroom.

These tips will be useful to many women who like to use perfume. Share with your friends these useful tricks!