/ Myths about proper nutrition

Myths about proper nutrition

Often people teach each other, How to eat properly. Widespread "folk" delusions have long become true for many.

To understand all the subtleties is not easy, but we will try to debunk the 10 most popular myths about healthy nutrition. Well, let's put everything on the shelves. This information is worth knowing to everyone!

Myths about proper nutrition

  1. The juices are just as useful as the fruits
    Juices do not contain valuable fiber, the amount of vitamins and minerals significantly decreases when they are made. Therefore, if possible, it is better to eat fresh fruits.
    Apple juice
  2. Fats are harmful to the body
    Fats are considered very harmful to the figure and health, but this is not entirely true. "Bad" only saturated and trans fats. Animal and vegetable fats In a moderate amount should be present in the diet of each person.
  3. To have a snack
    Snacks are a must. Every person who cares about health should periodically replenish energy reserves. Only these meals should be balanced. For example, eat nuts or fruits.
  4. All organic products are useful
    Products that have an inscription on the packaging"Organic", often do not differ from their usual counterparts. Although no, they are much more expensive. These products often just stimulate sales.
  5. Do not consume carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates are simple, which really should be reduced in your diet, and complex. The latter must necessarily be used by those who eat right. Without them you will be sleepy and listless.
  6. Vegetables and fruits lose all their useful properties when frozen
    Modern freezing technologies allow you to save almost all useful substances. This is especially true for the winter season.
  7. Separate diet helps to lose weight
    The human body is programmed for a mixedFood and can digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates at once. Until there is no scientific evidence that a separate diet helps to fight excess weight. Here the psychological factor acts more.
  8. Black bread gives the body more benefit than white
    Not always black bread is more useful. The dark color of bread can mean not only the presence of fiber in it, but also the content of caramel dyes. Useful is considered Bread with bran And whole-grain, although not everyone likes this taste.
  9. Eat after six is ​​bad for the figure
    This delusion is as old as the world. At the modern pace of life there is after 18:00 not only possible, but also necessary. Many people nowadays go to bed later than our ancestors did. Starvation can have a negative impact on health.

    Which is really true, this is something that should not be eaten 3 hours before bedtime. And even dinner should be easy.

  10. Sushi and rolls - diet products
    White rice, Which many use to prepare dishes of Japanese cuisine, can not be called a dietary product. Also the soy sauce is very caloric. With its use you need to be careful.

With these tips to go to the side of proper nutrition you will become much easier.

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