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How to customize traditional products

It's unlikely you tried to do this with products,Which are almost always in the kitchen. Man's fantasy has no boundaries, and on the example of food it can be perfectly demonstrated! Just look how ingenious Simple products Are made into something unexpected. The quality, appearance and taste of the dishes improves several times! After viewing this collection I plan grandiose events in my kitchen. And make a multi-colored jelly in crusts from oranges - just the first step to the freedom of culinary creativity ...

Unusual preparation of products

  1. Coffee ice. For a hot day - then what you need! Melts, pleasantly cooling drinks and enhances their taste.
    Coffee ice
  2. Bun, greens, cheese and bacon. Appetizing to the horror!
  3. Why not freeze bananas in white chocolate?
    Bananas in chocolate
  4. Such a vase you want to break and crack! Amazing chocolate dishes.
    Chocolate ware
  5. Sausages can also be romantic. Just look ...
  6. Croissants with chocolate can be cooked quickly and very easily!
  7. Baked potatoes with vegetables, cheese and eggs. But it's beautiful how!
    baked potato
  8. Cozy apples.
  9. Like a zebra, striped cake.
    Zebra" cake
  10. A seductive fruit jelly.
    Fruit jelly
  11. These sausages in the test are some kind of festive ...
    Sausages in dough
  12. Jelly with condensed milk! Just wow!
    Jelly with sugar

For everyone who is going on a trip! Find out how to cut mangoes correctly:

Now I do not want to eat them otherwise! Only apples with a wicker top of dough, jam and raisins, jelly, filled with delicate condensed milk, and sausages exclusively in the form of heart. Food is as much pleasure as love and prayer. Make your life in the kitchen unforgettable with our advice! And give interest to your friends.