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Why people are attracted to daffodils

Than attract the kind, sensitive, capableEmpathize with people's daffodils? This is a question that has tormented me more than once: how many around the pairs are in pathological, unhealthy relationships! Partnership, where both people have equal rights and responsibilities, is not so common. But examples of the interaction of the energy vampire and the victim - a mass ...

Relations in which one person usesAnother, it is wrong. Of course, everyone determines adequacy for himself, but from the primitive considerations of humanity, one can draw a simple conclusion: this should not be so. To begin with, Who is Narcissus?. It can be either a man or a woman.

Signs of a narcissist

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One of the signs of a narcissist is the lack of empathy, or, in other words, empathy. Narcissus can not feel the pain of another: he is always busy only with himself. For him there are no people! All surrounding narcissus subjects are just objectsTo meet his personal needs. If everything goes as you like daffodil, he is happy. As soon as the needs cease to be satisfied, he becomes angry and expresses discontent - no patience, sympathy and understanding of speech can not be.

Partner-empath gives daffodil exactly what you need: Because he feels intuitively how you can satisfy the needs of narcissus more qualitatively! Empath narcissus is necessary - it is a victim with a bunch of useful functions, an inexhaustible source of energy. But why the empathic narcissus?

The answer is quite predictable. People who are unsure of themselves associate their lives with daffodils. So insecure that even scary. They do not just dislike themselves: Partners of daffodils Themselves are hated and punished with the help of destructiveRelations. Because to be close to a person who is only concerned with one's own interests is a total punishment. He never takes care of another, does not think about his feelings, does not help. But he will take advantage of the victim in full: he will find material benefits, force him to help himself, will arrange conflict situations to replenish his energy reserve.

If you are in a relationship with narcissistic narcissus, you should think about it.

  1. Deliverance from fear. Look into your eyes with your fear. What are you most afraid of? To stay alone? Believe me, it's not as scary as your imagination draws. The stereotypes of society cause people to suffer, just not to be lonely. While in solitude there are many positive aspects - for example, extra time to work on yourself. Instead of endless service, a daffodil can be made nice to yourself!
  2. spirituality. The development of spirituality is the path to acceptance of oneself and the world. When you love your life, people around you and the world in general, you begin to love yourself. Meditation is not such a bad idea! I know people who pray every time a daffodil makes them hurt. Also a good practice for preserving your energy.
  3. forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Tell yourself: "I forgive myself. I no longer feel guilty, angry, disappointed. Resentments do not have power over me. I am a wonderful creature, I deserve the best ". Let it be hard for you to take these words seriously at first, but this practice gives a wonderful effect. Forgiving yourself, you become better and open from new sides! worth a try.
  4. confidence. Trust yourself! You know perfectly well what is good for you and what is not. Use intuition and this knowledge.
  5. courage. You can leave anywhere at any time, wherever you areUncomfortable. This is your right and your great strength. The cup of patience overflows with time even among the most hardy people. Do not wait for the last drop that can hurt you, - go away from situations that are unpleasant to you. Even if you decide to give up the relationship in which you are used, it's okay. You have a right to it.
  6. Daffodil

Daffodils and empaths are two sides of the same coin. Just some assert themselves at the expense of others, while these others allow themselves the role of the victim. It is not necessary to blame for such imperfections in the development of the personality of parents or society!

Man can not be changed, but he can change. Show this article to your friends. Someone this information will definitely benefit!