/ 10 tips for minor repairs in the apartment

10 tips for minor repairs in the apartment

All owners of personal space in one way or anotherFace minor repairs: to hammer a nail, to re-paste wallpaper, to lay a tile ... for someone these efforts are just necessary measures and nothing more.

And for some even the smallest repairsTurns into a real hell: first you need a few days for moral preparation, then a few more for the purchase of the necessary tools, and only then, if the stars are right, you can start to implement the plan. Our article contains 10 useful tips, which, we hope, will be very useful to you!

Tips for repairing an apartment

  1. Easy Hammer a nail, Dip its tip into vegetable oil.
  2. How to drive a nail

  3. Add sugar to the cement solution - and it will become much stronger.
  4. Cement solution

  5. If you need Cracks With a brush - scrape the alabaster with milk. So it will be longer to freeze.
  6. Cracks filling

  7. Is the oil brush very tough? Put it down for 1 minute in boiling vinegar.
  8. brush

  9. You can not open windows in a room that has just been pasted over with wallpaper. From this they begin to bubble and become unstuck.
  10. To visually increase the volume of the room - use wallpaper and colors of light tones. Dark tones visually reduce the volume of the room.
  11. When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to the side of the light that the room is on. If the side is sunny - do not glue it Washable wallpaper. They release harmful substances for health under the influence of direct sunlight.

  12. So that the tiles do not break during cutting - make good use of it. The likelihood that it will break will be halved.
  13. If you doubt which tile to take: Import or domestic, suspension of all the pros and cons. Because despite the fact that domestic goods are cheaper, during the installation it will be necessary to level the edges of the tiles so that they lie close to each other. Imported goods save you from such a nuisance, allowing you to save your time and energy.
  14. Fell tiles? To firmly fix it, use zinc white, densely wiped with natural linseed oil. True, this method, although inexpensive, but long drying.
  15. tile

Fortunately, for minor repairs, you canTo apply the familiar proverb: "The devil is not so terrible as he is painted." If you have already managed to prepare morally and even purchased all the necessary materials for Cosmetic repairs - We wish you a successful start and the same successful completion.

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