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Care of jeweler ornaments

To decorate for a long time served and looked like new, you must carefully look after them, protect them from the harmful effects of the environment, and properly and in time to clean them.

We have gathered for you the main and most important recommendations for the storage and Cleaning jewelry. These tricks, most likely, you will be useful.

How to clean jewelry

General recommendations

  1. Making cleaning, remove jewelry, because they can get cleaners. To remove ornaments follows and at reception of baths with essential oils.
  2. After wearing jewelry, before hiding, wipe them dry with a cloth from suede or flannel.
  3. Keep the jewelry in a dry place.

How to clean gold

  1. If you use creams containing mercury or salts based on it, make sure that they do not fall on the jewelry. From them on the gold can remain white spots.
  2. The gold product will shine brighter if you hold it for a while in the sweetened water.
  3. Cleaning of gold jewelry: put them in a soapy solution and wash it well. Then rinse and dry.
  4. Gold-plated ornaments can be cleaned with vinegar. Wash the cloth, wipe the product, and then wash the water and let it dry. Also, to clean the gilding and make it shine, use egg whites.
    How to clean silver

How to clean silver

  1. For cleaning silver products from darkening, put them in a solution of hot water (0.5 cent.) And ammonia (3-4 drops). When the solution has cooled, remove the items from the water and gently wipe them off.
  2. Jewelry from silver without stones, like gold,Can be brought to order with the help of vinegar. Mix the water and vinegar (2: 1) and hold in this solution the product for 30 minutes. Even silver can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and baking soda.
  3. Foil is also suitable for cleaning silver.

Storage and cleaning of precious stones

  1. Amethysts, pearls, turquoise, topazes discolour under the influence of the sun. Keep these stones in a dark place.
  2. All without exception, precious stones must be protected from sudden temperature changes.
  3. Do not use toothpaste or abrasive materials for cleaning stones.
  4. Cleaning of precious stones is best entrusted to a professional.

Take care of your decorations correctly, let them serve you for a long time.

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