/ How to Make Curly Soap

How to make curly soap

Today it is very popular to be a soap, because soap, prepared by own hands, consists of natural ingredients, saves your budget and the process of making it is very exciting! Home soap Will always meet your needs and skin features. Moisturizing, cleansing or the original look - you can create all this yourself.

Well, today "so simple!" Prepared a recipe for beginners in this matter. Below describes how you can prepare an original curly soap. Be sure to keep this recipe for yourself!

How to make soap at home

You will need

  • 250 g of white base (you can take a bar of finished soap from a white base)
  • 750 g of transparent base
  • Any base oils on request
  • Any essential oils or flavors if desired
  • Any dyes on request
  • You can add tocopherol and glycerin
  • Spray with alcohol


  1. Sodium bar of white soap on the grater.
  2. Home soap

  3. You should get such cute curls.
  4. Home soap

  5. Decompose them into molds and put a third of the prepared transparent base to melt on the steam bath. Prepare all the oils, esters, glycerin, tocopherol.
  6. Home soap

  7. Flavors should be added only in colored parts so that the transparent layer does not cloud. Mix all the oils in a separate container to make it easier to pour into the molten base.
  8. Home soap

  9. As soon as you remove the first part of the transparentBasics with the bath, put the second melting. While the first third will cool before pouring and slightly cool in the form - the second third will just melt. While the second part melts, we work with the first.
  10. Add to it a mixture of oils and ethers, and only thendye. Slightly cool the substrate so as not to melt the white shavings, but not so much that the base does not freeze, coming in contact with the top of the shavings, because holes will form inside the soap. Fill the mold with a third, immediately carefully sprinkle all with alcohol so that there are fewer bubbles inside the soap at the junction of the layers.
  11. Home soap

  12. The next layer is transparent. It does not need to add anything. As well as the last time - after taking the second third from the bath put the third. Before pouring the second layer, do not forget to cool it to the desired temperature. Zaley, again well drizzle with alcohol. In the melted third part of the base, add a mixture of oils and ethers and dye. Cool down to the "right" temperature, pour and drizzle with alcohol, removing bubbles.
  13. Home soap

  14. Now it remains to wait 4-5 hours until the soap is completely frozen. And cut it into brusochki suitable size.
  15. Home soap

This soap is very easy to make, but it is suitable for home use as well as for a gift! Be sure to use this recipe and tell about the secrets of soap making to your friends!