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Diabetes diet

Diabetes is a chronic disease that has reached epidemic proportions in our time. More than 400 million people in the world suffer Diabetes mellitus at the moment. Even those who are not predisposed to similar failures in the body can get a terrible disease ...

The reason is simple: Too much sugar in different foods, even where it absolutely should not be present. Sugar gradually kills people, especially those who do not follow the doses of its consumption. In ketchup, half-finished products, yoghurts, leaven, canned vegetables - sugar is present absolutely everywhere, even if the product is unsweetened.

Before they became widely used Injections with insulin, Diabetes recommended to treat with this diet. "so simple!" Introduces you to the nutrition plan for sugarDiabetes, which will help to avoid complications of the disease and even cure it! In addition, it is useful for all of us to eat this - in order to prevent diabetes.

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Diet with diabetes mellitus

  1. The less carbohydrates - the better! Diabetes treatment, Which was widely practiced before,Was the maximum restriction of carbohydrate food. In no case you can not eat sweets, even those that are "for diabetics", as well as porridges, potatoes, flour - everything that contains simple and complex carbohydrates.

    You can eat: meat, even fatty, fish, poultry, eggs and seafood, cheese, butter, green vegetables, mushrooms.

  2. It is necessary to completely abandon the fruit. Any fruit juices, carrots, beets, corn, beans and peas, onions, tomatoes - all these vegetables and fruits contribute to sharp jumps in blood sugar.
  3. You need to remember: If you eat too much of any food, it will still cause a jump in sugar! When diabetes can not be overeaten, it is necessary to eat small portions and mainly protein foods. It is necessary to regularly check the kidneys, because with such a diet they will experience a load.
  4. Is Nutrition with diabetes mellitus Some may seem too strict, but it does give an effect! Many parents with the help of an ideal low-carb diet have cured small children in this way, not wanting to put them on insulin.

    The more correctly you will eat, the better will be the result. Even those patients who use insulin and think that this is their cross for the rest of the day, can recover with a strict diet.

    It is important that all close people switch to such a nutrition plan: their support is priceless, and the patient will be tempted to fail.

Even for a perfectly healthy person this dietRepresents the value: there is a complete recovery of the body. The liver is cleansed, weight is reduced, the body is weaned from sugar and transformed. You can sometimes switch to such a diet in order to prevent diabetes!

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