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How to entertain a child in the country

Not all children like to spend Vacation in the country Or the grandmother in the village. Riding a bicycle, a river, fresh berries and fruits - that's all, of course, wonderful. But very often children do not know what to do with themselves. This problem is especially acute in the country. Idle TV, lack of friends-neighbors, no entertainment ... longing.

Baby heart wants to have fun! To arrange for the child an entertaining platform is very simple, you just need to set yourself such a goal. Let these 15 tips help you turn your dacha into a real oasis Happiness for the child, And it does not matter, 7 years old or 10 years old. Even adult uncles and aunts will like this ...

How to entertain a child

  1. A drawing board with crayons. It seems that Sawyer dreamed of this in his childhood ...
  2. drawing board

  3. Cableway. Such skating carries children for a long time.
  4. Cableway

  5. Wigwam. A small Indian will be happy with a hut made of cloth or polyethylene. Such a tent can be done instantly, and the kid will have enough fun for a long time. I would not climb out of a cozy hut in the summer heat either!
  6. Wigwam

  7. A swing chair. The child will not get out of it. Besides, such a place for riding looks very stylish.
  8. Swing chair

  9. Suspended tire. Bright memories after the summer holidays will remain!
  10. Suspended tire

  11. Imitation of the beach. A small beach-gardener will settle in such a place for a long time.
  12. Imitation of the beach

  13. xylophone. Such a thing can easily be made from a conventional fence. That's what you want to tell after the summer holidays to other children!
  14. xylophone

  15. Flowers in boots. From ordinary boots there will be wonderful flower beds! The child will like to look after plants, so intricately decorated.
  16. Flowers in boots

  17. Base on the tree. In this place you can very often watch your child. Children like to hang in such places for a long time, and if with binoculars ...
  18. Base on a tree

  19. A platform for the climber. It's not even very skillful dad to make such a training bridgehead.
  20. Climbing platform

  21. Twister in the grass. To play your favorite game right on the grass - delightful.
  22. Twister in the grass

  23. Homemade angry birds. No tablet, everything is real!
  24. Angry birds

  25. hammock. Like not only the baby, but also bring a lot of pleasant moments to parents.
  26. hammock

  27. Cinema in nature. this is my dream! Seriously ... watch the filmstrips with the whole family. Chic pastime in retrostile.
  28. cinema

  29. Box for toys on the street. Nothing will be lost, will not get wet in the rain and will not be scattered. It's time to inspire the pope for a carpenter's feat!

toy box

Now you can go to the country house without oppressive thoughts aboutWhat is there to entertain your pet? The kid will be taken to any of these entertainments and will be happy. Much happier than sitting at home with a TV or computer ... show this article to all my parents! Dacha season - the time of children's entertainment.