/ How to take care of fur and skin

How to take care of fur and skin

In the summer, when the winter has already passed, and until the next far away, the diligent housewives are engaged Warm things: They are handed over, if necessary, to dry cleaning,Check to see if the mole has started, clean it from last year's dirt or dust ... we suggest you look into the wardrobe and carefully inspect your outer clothing from fur or leather. If you find spots or withered traces of dirt (and it happens, believe me!) Safely take advantage of our advice!

How to care for leather products

  1. So that the leather goods look like new, it is enough to wipe them with beaten egg whites. Dirty skin can be washed with warm unboiled milk.
  2. The color of the skin faded? Just smear it with glycerin!
  3. To give the leather goods a shine, wrap in a woolen or flannel rag coffee grounds and rub the skin with vigorous movements.
  4. If the leather products are very dirty, use soapy water and ammonia, and then rub with a cloth moistened with castor oil (petroleum jelly or glycerine).
  5. There is rubbing? From time to time, wipe them with a cloth moistened with glycerin, or a fresh orange peel.
  6. To clean the leather bag, rub it at first with a cut onion, from time to time making a new cut, and then sodium to a shine with a clean soft rag.
  7. Give a shine bag of black leather can be with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice.
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How to care for fur

  1. Fur in no case need to be washed or damped. If you can not remove the dirt yourself - better give the product a dry cleaning.
  2. If the fur has faded, pulverize the coreWalnuts, a mound of it on the gauze folded three times and rub this fur over the hair. After the nut oil is absorbed, the fur will acquire a beautiful persistent luster.
  3. Keep fur products in a mantle cover.
  4. If the fur garment is slightly stuck and the fur sticks out in another direction-try combing it with a wet brush in the right direction and gently blowing it dry with a hairdryer.
  5. If you want yourself at homeSew small rips - do it with cotton threads No. 60-80. Sewing should be done on the side of the skin (the lower layer of the skin) using a suture seam, and then gently combed.
  6. And remember: never sushi a fur coat on the battery or other heating appliances. Only at room temperature!


To look after the products simply, but do not forget that it is best to do it on time, right after the end of the winter season. Share our advice with your friends, and let clothes Serves a long time!