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Glue PVA for manicure

Until recently PVA glue Was used mainly toTo glue paper together. But resourceful women are always looking for an unusual use for ordinary things. This time the new beauty trend was the usual glue of the pva, which overseas and our beauties use for ... manicure! We suggest that you take into consideration two tips on how to use this inexpensive tool with benefit.

Glue for manicure

  1. Adhesive can be used as a base for varnish withSequins. Many people like to make such a beautiful manicure, but to erase sequins later is very problematic. Apply the pava on your fingernails, let it dry, put a festive lacquer on top. If you need to remove it, just pick up the lacquer with the edge of the nail and take it off with the film.

    Advantages of this method: Nontoxicity - this glue has a water base, it is harmlessFor nails, skin and respiratory tract, and also has a weak characteristic odor. From it the nails do not fade and do not break. Economy - this tool is very inexpensive. To prepare the product you will need a regular glue, an empty bottle of varnish and 2 tsp. water. Disadvantages: this manicure is short-lived.

  2. It's not a secret that wipe the skin off nail polish,Without damaging the manicure, it is not easy. Apply glue to the nail around the nail, especially on the cuticle, as in the picture, then paint your nails. If the varnish has left the edges, after drying, the adhesive with the remaining varnish is easily removed.

Glue for manicure

More details can be viewed in the video:

We hope that this information will be useful to you and you will apply the glue of the pv not only in the usual for most purposes, but also in manicure.

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