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How to make a T-shirt with a heart

Any T-shirt can be embellished with thisSimple way. So do not rush to get rid of boring things! A little diligence, and they are completely transformed. Casual clothes in casual style can be not only practical and convenient, but also bright. Using a contrasting piece of cloth, scissors and elementary sewing skills, it's easy to create Original thing. To look such a heart will be very creative. It's time to cut t-shirts! In summer everyone wants to look unusual.

T-shirt with heart

You will need

  • Old T-shirt of any color
  • Bright fabric
  • Thread
  • scissors
  • Chalk


  1. Cut the neck of the T-shirt.
  2. T-shirt with heart

  3. From the inside of the t-shirt draw a small heart with cut lines. Gently make slits in the fabric in place of the lines.
  4. T-shirt with heart

  5. Take a bright fabric, a heart of the same size as the carved on a T-shirt. Straighten each strip.
  6. T-shirt with heart

    T-shirt with heart

That's what wonderful Altered thing Will appear in your closet!

T-shirt with heart

Update T-shirt was successful! You can make such a drawing not only in the form of a heart. For example, the outline of the clover leaf and the green fabric in the background is a great option. Show your friends how easy it is to make a T-shirt completely different.