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Kitchen tips

Frankly, cooking is not loved by everyone. But with the help of modern technologies, this process becomes every year easier and easier. Various combines and other adaptations help us in this difficult matter. But, besides them, there are also small ideas and kitchen tricks that make cooking more pleasant. Turn the daily cooking process into a holiday.

Kitchen tips

  1. So that the minced meat is thawed more quickly, before placing it in the freezer, arrange small portions in different packages and distribute it inside so that a plate is obtained.
    chopped meat
  2. Salted stew can be saved by adding chopped potatoes into it.
  3. So that the greens stay fresh, wash longer andDry it, and then put it in cellophane bags. Fill them with air and tighten them. The main thing is that the greens are dry before they are placed in a bag.
    Parcel with greens
  4. When you boil water, put a wooden spoon on the edges of the pan. This will not allow the water to escape.
    Boiling water
  5. Before squeezing a lemon, roll it on the table with the palm, squeezing a little. So you can squeeze out more juice.
    Squeeze out a lemon
  6. If you need to quickly melt the butter, it's on the grater, and it melts faster.
    Melt the butter
  7. Homemade hamburger
    Homemade hamburger
  8. Prepare tacos: place flat cakes or pita bread on rods of oven and dry for a few minutes.
  9. Here you can cook pancakes with bacon.
    Pancakes with bacon
  10. The cake for the cake will be fresh until the morning, if you put a piece of bread on it.
    Cake cake

Cook with pleasure, using these useful tricks. Take a note and share it with your friends!