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10 psychological tricks

The human brain - not fully understoodA mechanism that does not cease to be surprised and admired even in the era of mobile phones and super-fast spacecraft. Sometimes a simple gesture, a word or phrase can affect the interlocutor more than 10 volumes of the most abstruse books.

Using these Simple psychological techniques, You will see how predictable a person is, even if he thinks himself to be the "navel of the earth" or a very important boss. For psychology all are equal!

Psychological tricks

  1. rock Paper Scissors
  2. Psychological tricks

  3. laugh
  4. Psychological tricks

  5. Repetition is the mother of learning
  6. Psychological tricks

  7. Broken record
  8. Psychological tricks

  9. sixth Sense
  10. Psychological tricks

  11. Parental authority
  12. Psychological tricks

  13. Hidden manipulation
  14. Psychological tricks

  15. Nodding power
  16. Psychological tricks

  17. Illusion of choice
  18. Psychological tricks

  19. How to avoid trouble
  20. Psychological tricks

We hope that our article has revealed something new for you, and even a simple game of "stone, scissors, paper" will only bring you victory.

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