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15 tips for a strong marriage

For sure the proverb "what we have - we do not store,Having lost - crying "to everyone is familiar from childhood. Parents instill in their children a careful attitude to animals, plants, things. "To people too!" - you are outraged. But if so, why are there so many divorces, broken hearts and crippled fates? In love little things do not happen!

What seems to one to be a mere trifle orFor granted, for another will be a real gift or, on the contrary, an excuse for slashing. How not to cross the fine line of human feelings? What to do if the relationship is at a dead end or crack at the seams? How can you save the marriage? Not everything is as difficult as it seems at first glance. Get acquainted with these rules and see what exactly you are doing wrong.

How to save a marriage

  1. Never stop caring
    If you have been married for several years, tryA little strain memory and remember what emotions each of you experienced in the bouquet-candy period, what gifts gave, what he dreamed of. And let this time long ago, you are still together, so do not stop each other to surprise, look after, show small signs of attention, say compliments. Love does not tolerate laziness.
  2. Fall in love again and again
    Yes, both of you are no longer what they were, whenMarried, and in five years again will become different. And though you perceive each other differently, try again and again to surprise, inspire and rejoice. As often as possible, win the heart of a partner, and your love will not cool down.
  3. Try to see the best
    Everyone has their own shortcomings, but you do not needTake them to heart and even more so constantly pay attention to them. Try to focus your attention on what you like most about your second half. Then, on what a person concentrates, is inclined to grow. If you are fixated on mistakes, you will see them everywhere, and if on what you like, you will soon realize that you married the most beautiful woman in the world (you married a worthy of men)!
  4. Do not try to change your partner
    Your task is to love your companion as he is, without any hopes or expectations. If one of you changes, and the other remains the same - love the same regardless of whether you like it or not.
  5. Man and woman

  6. Take responsibility for your emotions
    Your spouse does not have to make you happy. In the same way she can not make you unhappy. You are responsible for your positive attitude. This rule applies to both partners.
  7. Do not blame another if you are upset or angry
    Everything that happens inside of you - your emotions and your responsibility. Do not rip off anger on the person who loves you. You do not want to be in his place?
  8. Do not be afraid to look stupid
    Do not take yourself too seriously, smile more often and joke. And make me laugh your soul mate. Laughter helps to mitigate any situation.
  9. You are the stronghold and support of each other
    When a woman is upset, embrace her and let her know that you are there and always ready to support her. The female nature is changeable and swift, emotions, like a storm, intensify, and then subside.

    And if in this storm you remain unshakable and strong, you will not only ascend in her eyes, but will also become that person whom you can trust.
    If a man is upset, do not hurry to fall on his neck with questions and words of consolation. He will let you know when you'd better leave him alone or, on the contrary, support him.

  10. Feel the importance of a partner
    The best way to do this is to askA list of 10 things that will help your partner feel loved, desired, meaningful. The same thing ask to do and your partner. We will make a reservation at once, you will be very surprised by the result!
  11. Be ready to take each other's sexual side
    Intimate relationships are not the last place in marriage. Discuss, experiment, fantasize. Learn to fully trust your body and the body of your partner.
  12. arms

  13. Grow together and develop
    In a standing pond, malaria is born, and turbulentThe flow is always fresh and cool. When the human muscles stop working, they atrophy. The same thing happens with relationships. Try together to find common goals and dreams, as well as ways to achieve them. It brings together even the most diverse people.
  14. Be open
    If you both want your relationship to beFull and harmonious, do not be afraid to trust even what in rumor is hard to say and scary. Open not only your light, but also the dark side. Be yourself!
  15. Learn to forgive
    Past mistakes, no matter whose - yours or your wife, - are like a heavy anchor that will constantly prevent any movement forward. Both learn to forgive and gain real freedom.
  16. Man and woman

  17. Do not get hung up on money
    Treat money like a game and make it play a command. In which case you will not have to compete with each other and you will both be winners.
  18. Always choose love
    In the end, this is the only advice thatYou really need. If love is the guiding principle on which any of your decisions are built, then the marriage will not only be strong, but also lasting. Love always wins!

These tips are relevant not only for those whoLong married, but also for those who are just starting their relationship. Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones, take care of your love. Be sure to tell your friends about this article, and let everyone live happily ever after!