/ How to quickly prepare leaves for cabbage leaves

How to quickly prepare leaves for cabbage rolls

Many of us are very fond of Cabbage rolls, But they have absolutely no time to prepare them. And sometimes so want real, homemade with sour cream. So do not spend a lot of time and energy and make a delicious treat, use this simple trick.

Used to cook before head of cabbage, Wait a long time until it boil and cool down, but now everything has become much easier. How good that before that someone came up with it!

How to quickly prepare leaves for cabbage leaves

First, choose the right cabbage. Heads should be flattened slightly so that the leaves are large and thin.

Wash out heads, take off some upper leaves, remove the stump and put Cabbage in a microwave oven. If it weighs 1.5-2 kg, then you need to set the mode to 900 watts for about 12 minutes.


After the time has elapsed, take the cabbage out of the microwave and check the leaves for softness, just by clicking on them. Then put the head under a stream of cold water from the tap and slowly roll the leaves.

Now it will be possible to cook cabbage rolls more often. Share this trick with your friends!