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Harmful foods

The shops are full of variegated packages of various sweets and delicacies. But the reality is that, in a bright wrapper, we, the buyers, are often podsovyvayut real poison. "so simple!" With the care of his readers prepared a list of the most harmful products. Remember it so that when shopping once again, protect yourself and keep your family healthy.

Harmful foodstuffs

  1. Trans fats

    Trans fats - unsaturated fats, obtainedArtificially from liquid vegetable oils. By hydrogenation, liquid oils are converted into solid oils: margarines and spreads. This kind of fats is harmful to our body, they completely change metabolism At the cellular level, contributing to the accumulation of toxins.

    As a result of systematic consumption of trans fats, there is an increased risk of developing diabetes, a decrease in testosterone levels in men, a threat of atherosclerosis, obesity, cancer.

    Products containing Trans fats: Margarines, soft vegetable mixtures, spreads, mayonnaise, confectionery products (cookies, cakes, pastries), frozen semi-finished products, processed cheese, curd mass.

    With margarine everything is clear, but did you know that butter Fat content of 72.5% is also not suitable for consumption. Natural butter is only at least 82.5% fat.

  2. Synthetic sweeteners

    The most famous artificial substitutes for sugar - aspartame, saccharin, suklamate - are extremely harmful to health.

    Thus, widespread aspartame at a temperature of 30 ° C decomposes into formaldehyde, Methanol and phenylalanine and causes insomnia, digestive disorders, headaches, heart palpitations. Saccharin - a carcinogen, provokes the appearance of tumors. Suclamate is very allergenic.

    Carbonated sweet drinks, lollipops, chewing gum and "diet" sweets - a source of harmful Sweeteners. If you want to limit the consumption of sugar, use as an alternative to honey, fructose, stevia.

  3. sausages

    About the dangers of sausage products so much is written,But how do they look appetizing and smell! It's a pity that all these sausages, smoked and boiled sausages, shop pies, ham - just a dummy.

    40% of the weight of these products is fat, skin, offal and even bone meal, and the rest - gel, Which in a special apparatus withInteraction with the by-products becomes a piece of "meat". Flavor enhancers, color enhancers, preservatives, a smoking liquid (with formaldehyde) will do their job - a fragrant and juicy baked ham ready ...

    Do not let producers profit from your health, buy natural meat and cook healthy meals with your family for your family, such as homemade sausages.

  4. The king of taste is sodium glutamate (e-621)
    Sodium glutamate

    What can I say ... glutamate of sodium is added toA large number of chips, crunches, bouillon cubes, sausages, synthetic seasonings, which are not harmless yet. To protect yourself, read carefully the information on the package and refrain from buying such goods.

  5. Chocolate products and caramel

    In the domestic market this chocolate is a rarity. Most of it is a composition of various substitutes, hydrogels, emulsifiers and dyes. Choosing a chocolate, stop at the bitter. composition Natural chocolate: Cocoa butter (no palm, soy or cotton in it should not be), cocoa beans, lecithin, powdered sugar.

    In caramel is now so many different essences that the preservation of tooth enamel can not speak. A lot of sugar does not add the benefits of candy.

  6. Semi-finished products and fast food
    Semi-finished products

    If we calculate how many crab sticks are produced and consumed in the world, it turns out that there are not enough crabs for this matter.

    Crab meat in the sticks there, but there is fish mince, water, starch, vegetable oil and a number of thickeners, flavors, Flavor enhancers. To use them for food or not - it's yours, but many representatives of the cat's brother refuse this product ...

    Noodle and instant mashed potatoes- familiar to many products. But think, do you need such a chemical attack on the body? Pelmeni, cutlets, fish sticks, food from street stalls also will not add to your health.

Healthy food can be tasty: do not let unscrupulous producers manipulate your desires and habits. Live healthy!

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