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Baby car seat

The safety of the child - above all, and even more so on the roads. Many motor parents pay special attention to this issue, choosing the most comfortable and safe in their opinion Car seat for baby.

They study the reputation and productsManufacturers, collect reviews among friends and Internet users, make a fitting and even test drive on the roads. However, what should keep a child health at a dangerous moment, can cause him irreparable harm!

baby car seat

Car seat for baby

Numerous test drives confirm the fact that the life of the child is the least Car accident, If the baby himself is at this moment in the car seat.

However, one American mother showed thisThe question is completely different. Her car hit a small crash and made a sharp braking. At this time in the cabin was a 3-year-old daughter, who was fastened in a car seat.

Of course, if it were not for the belts, the girl would have thrownForward, but after the accident on the child's body there was only a small bruise. Itself cunningly old already after the incident wrote a message on the social network and reinforced the photo. The American called to be very attentive to all who use car seats for their children.

Car seat

Parents need to be careful to ensure thatAll fasteners and locks were fixed in the right place and in the right position. To avoid damage from the chair itself, it is best to place the fasteners near the base of the chest, just where the lower ribs meet.

If you place the clasp a little lower, thenAs a result of a severe accident, attachment itself can damage internal organs, leading to internal bleeding. If you fix it too high - with severe braking it can Strangle a child.

Car seat

Unfortunately, in the territory Countries of the former Many armchairs are not equipped with such a clamp at all.

Car seat

Pay attention only to those models that can be as safe as possible on the roads.

Car seat

Carefully follow the position of the clamp.

Car seat

Never worth neglecting small things, becauseSometimes, not only our lives depend on them, but also the lives of our loved ones and children. Be sure to share the article with your friends-motorists. Just one small detail - and the child's life is safe!