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What to do with a blackened banana

A few days ago on the Internet there was a videoWith a simple lifhak and made a real sensation. The cunning that a man shares in him is connected with the favorite product of many: a banana. It is eaten with pleasure, while it is fresh.

But as soon as it appears dark spots, Blackened banana Send to a blender or in the worst case in a trash can.

What to do with a blackened banana

The man from the video suggests putting an end to thisAnd learn how to "revive" the bananas. For this he takes a darkened banana, puts it in a cellophane bag, falls asleep rice, releases air and closes on the clasp.

An hour later he takes out a banana from the package. Sends cold air from the dryer to it, and the banana is ready for use again! The idea seems insane, but he succeeded. In general, see for yourself.

This trick is very simple, and it can be easily done at home. You will no longer need to throw out Darkened bananas!!

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