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Ideas for children's dishes

How hard it is to get a child to eat what you have prepared! Children have their own sense of taste in regard to food, it is special. It is very important that Baby food Looked pretty, then the chances that the baby would still agree to taste it, grow at times.

Why with cries to make the baby eat and arrange ritual dances with dishes, if you can only To decorate a dish? The eyes of a small gourmet will immediately light up: it is much more interesting to have something that looks bright, unusual and even a little bit fabulous!

This is exactly what parents do for which upbringing is a constant creative process. Enjoy these cute ideas and invent your own!

Ideas for children's dishes

  1. An egg in the shape of a heart.
    Make such an egg - a minute care. Place the boiled egg in a boat of paper, press it down on top with chopsticks fixed with an elastic band. Effectively do this with eggs boiled soft-boiled.
  2. egg

  3. Golden egg.
    Before cooking the egg, shake it well for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Boiled egg

  5. A knife for pizza as an ordinary knife.
    The child's portion should be cut into small pieces for convenience. If you use a round knife for pizza for this purpose, the child will be fascinated by everything ...
  6. Pizza knife

  7. A beautiful pechenyushka in cocoa.
    Decoration in a million! Also stars of orange or apple perfectly complement tea. It is most pleasant to drink the drinks so decorated, what to say about the child.
  8. cocoa

  9. Pancakes and fried eggs in unusual forms.
    Especially good at children pancakes, cooked in small molds, made as if for a cookie.
  10. Pancakes for children

  11. A healthy snack in a nice little package.
    Fruits will be eaten much more willingly, if they are so served. That is interesting: in one wing of a butterfly it is possible to place something very useful, in another - sweets or cookies. Will be eaten all!
  12. Healthy snack

  13. Playful slicing mandarin.
    Orange or Mandarin can be cut so that it is convenient to eat it.
  14. How to cut mandarin

  15. Useful ice cream.
    Ice cream from yogurt make it ridiculously simple - just insert a stick inside the package and shove the yogurt into the freezer. Voila!
  16. Ice-cream from yogurt

  17. No nerves about unnecessary stains!
    Putting on a wand a piece of paper, you will protect the hands and clothes of the baby from droplets of melted ice cream.
  18. Melted ice cream

  19. Fruit assortment.
    Beautifully laid out fruit and beckon to bite off a piece ...
  20. Fruit platter

  21. Substitute of French fries.
    Just enough to chop carrotsOblong slices, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and send to a microwave. In 10-15 minutes will be ready a treat, to taste not different from french fries! Useful and at the same time tasty food is a whole art.
  22. Carrot for children

  23. Unusual sandwiches.
    That's where the parental fantasy can sweep without any restrictions!
  24. Sandwiches for children

  25. Neat pancakes.
    That the pancakes turned out neat and did not blur, pour the dough into the bottle. Children appreciate accuracy, show that this is important for you too, and you will grow a real chistyulyu.
  26. Dough in a bottle

  27. Cheerful pancakes.
    There are many special forms for intricate pancakes and even special frying pans that create a miracle. From such a pancake baby will be delighted!
  28. Pancakes

  29. Order - above all.
    Children's breakfast cereals are very convenient to store in containers of cocoa, cream and other dry products.
  30. cereal

  31. Sandwiches in a bag with a clasp.
    Took and ran - do not have to think about all sorts of plastic containers and untidy plastic bags. Taking care of the child, you will teach him to take care of others.
  32. Sandwich in the package

  33. Juice that does not spill.
    Wrapping the glass in a food film, you can safely insert a tube into it. The child will be happy to drink drinks and do not spill anything.
  34. Juice in the package

  35. Lifhak for busy parents.
    With the help of two conventional plates, you can very quickly cut tomatoes and grapes in half. In one fell swoop!
  36. How to cut tomatoes

  37. Draniki in the waffle iron.
    A new kind of famous dish! And what will happen if you try to make an omelette in a waffle iron?
  38. Draniki in waffle iron

  39. Ripe bananas.
    Unripe bananas can easily be made sweet and ripe - just put them in the oven for a couple of minutes.
  40. Ripe bananas

  41. How to save the cake.
    The cake will not wither if you overlay the incised edges with pieces of bread, fixing them with toothpicks.
  42. cake

  43. Experiment!
    Turn on the imagination, and miracles will begin to happen. Try and do something that will amaze your child - such a pleasure.
  44. Baby dish

  45. Bento.
    In Japan, all carry a bento-capacity forFood. That's what kids love! My son adores boxes with lids and a lot of offices, in which you can add a variety of food. A well-designed food bowl overtakes the children's appetite.
  46. Bento

  47. Games with food.
    You can play with food, but only by the rules of the parents. The idea is just super!
  48. How to make a baby dish

  49. Little cook.
    Acceptance of an experienced parent: What is cooked by yourself, will necessarily want to eat! Add the child to cooking, and problems with appetite and whims during meals will become noticeably less. You can start even from the earliest age - at 2 years old the baby can easily make a sandwich from the prepared ingredients.
  50. Little cook

Food for the child Should be in joy! Parents should always remember that quarrels, shouts, coercion during meals are unacceptable. This not only disrupts digestion - the psyche of the baby suffers. Let him get hungry better and ask for it himself, everyone will be better off.

Show other parents these tips! Perhaps for some they will be a real salvation.