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Google Search Terms

Each of us had to look for information inGoogle, but far from always the search results met expectations. Often the program can not understand what exactly you need from it, and it does not give you the answers you expect.

This is because very few people know how Use google correctly. But this program has a lot of opportunities, which most of us do not even guess. Redaction "so simple!" Will introduce you to several methods of search, through which you can find anything you want!

How to search in google


Exact phrase search
If you need to find something on the exact phrase, without being distracted by similar results, you should use the usual quotes («»). This helps a lot when looking for an exact quote. By the way, you can not put the separating signs at all. If you remember the line from the song and want to know the author, then enter:
«I'll go out to the house and bow in silence to God I'll pray "

Unspecified search
Even if you do not remember the quotation literally - nothing terrible. Instead of words or words that flew out of memory, put Asterisk (*). eg:
I will go home and worship * God pray

Exception from search
When you need to make sure that google does not show results in which there is some undesirable word, you need to put it before it minus (-). For example, you need to look at the beautiful interiors of apartments, but annoying ads for their sale. Then enter the search string:
Beautiful apartment-sale

Synonym search
In order for the program to perform a search not only for a strictly specified word, but also for its synonyms, use Tilde (~), Which in the people is called "wave" (itIs on the button along with the letter "e"). For example, if the tilde stands before the word "greatest", then the search will also show "best", "brilliant" and other films in meaning:
~ The greatest films of the 20th century

Search for a choice of several options
If you are satisfied with the answer to one of several preset options, use for search Vertical line (| | |). For example, you need to buy on the Internet a variety of things and none of the shops do not have the right kit for you. Then google will offer options where they can be purchased separately from each other:
Buy skewers | meat | lemonade

Site search
Do I need to find information on a specific site? Then you need to use the operator (Site:). eg:
Citation of nikulin Site:Ofigenno.Cc

Search by document type
When you need to find a document of a certain type, use the command (Filetype:), After which indicate the desired three-letter extension. eg:
Traffic rules filetype: pdf

Search within a specified range
If you need to find something in a given range of numbers, use Two points (..) Between the extreme values. eg:
Buy a bicycle 25000..40000 rubles

Search for similar web pages
Did you like some site and you decided to find similar resources? Then write in the search bar (Related:), And after the colon, put the address of the attracted resource. eg:

Time in the city
In order to find out the time in the city of interest to you, just enter the word "time" and the name of the city you want. The exact same time will be indicated in the first search result. eg:
Vladivostok time

Weather around the city
Are you going to find out what is the weather like in another city? Then use the operator (Weather) Before the name of the city you need:
Weather улан-уде

To solve an arithmetic example, simply write it in the search bar. eg:
238-67 +284

Unit converter
If you need to translate one value into another, you just need to enter the appropriate query. eg:
4 poods in kilograms

Currency Converter
To convert one currency into another is as simple as recalculating physical quantities. We make the necessary request, and then google will do everything himself. eg:
100 rubles in yen

As you see, if you are able to correctly handle google, then the search becomes simple and effective. Remember these few easy rules, and also share them with your friends, and then on search for information On the Internet you will have to leave a few seconds.