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Causes of headache

Headaches are companions of many diseases. But there is one kind of headache, unbearable and exhausting. this migraine. It is familiar to every 6th inhabitant of the planet. As a rule, the pain with migraines is localized in one hemisphere of the brain. More migraine is observed in emotional people, with reduced resistance to stress.


Causes of headache

Predisposition to migraine Is due to heredity, sex (womenAre more susceptible to it), a wrong way of life, a psycho-emotional background. Age also matters: doctors observe migraines more often in young people, beginning with adolescence, and the disease dies out towards old age.

Food plays a huge role in the occurrence of migraine attacks. It is proved that a deficiency of a number of elements in the body is capable of provoking Severe headaches 4 times more often. "so simple!" Identified 4 groups of substances, the lack of which contributes to the onset of migraine.

Deficiency of these substances leads to a headache

  1. Folic acid and vitamin B12
    Spinach and milk

    People who do not have enough of these substances,Are subject to excessive irritability and absent-mindedness. They are also more prone to stress. Interestingly, we often try to relieve the headache with drugs that contain aspirin. And this substance just reduces the content of folic acid and vitamin B12 in the body.

    Spinach - the champion in the maintenance of folic acid, also it is rich in broccoli, asparagus, avocado, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin. Vitamin B12 is abundant in chicken eggs.

  2. Copper and iron
    Vegetables and seafood

    Deficiency of copper and iron to a greater extentIs peculiar to women and leads a straight road to anemia, hypotension, migraines and depression. Rich in copper beans, nuts, goat cheese, avocados ... and regularly eating greens, lettuce, sunflower seeds, sesame, liver and sea cabbage, make up supplies of iron.

  3. Vitamin B6
    Milk and liver

    Deficiency of vitamin 6 (pyridoxine) - one of theThe main factors of the occurrence of vascular diseases. Its a lot in beans, liver, fresh vegetables, as well as cereals. Lean on these products, if you want to preserve the health of the brain, nerves, heart and blood vessels.

  4. Vitamin d
    Eggs and fish

    Vitamin D is naturally produced inOur body under the sun's rays. And in winter it can be obtained from food. Eggs, beans, liver, seafood, dairy products abound in this important element of metabolism.

Full nutrition, exercise, outdoor exercise can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. And relieve stress and calm down will help aromatherapy.

Hope this article will help you and your friends forget about the headache! be healthy!