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Home exercise for burning fat

Training in the gym for various reasons are not suitable for everyone: those who do not have enough time or energy, who have the means ... somehow, but from Sports loads You can not refuse!

"so simple!" Offers to try something special: 4-minute home workout, Which will replace the hour of fitness in the gym. This can not be missed!

Home weight loss training

Home exercise for burning fat

Exercises, each of which is designed for a specific problem zone, only 5. if you do not have time, execute them in one approach in an arbitrary sequence.

If you want to achieve faster and more pronounced results, after completing all the exercises and resting for 2 minutes, start training again.

  1. Sit-ups. The time now is: 60 seconds.
    Put your feet to the width of your shoulders (you can be slightly wider). Take the pelvis back, pull your stomach and start squatting, as if you want to sit on a chair.

    Crouch as low as possible, trying to keep your back straight. Return to the starting position.

    Sit-ups for losing weight

  2. push ups. The time now is: 30 seconds.
    Take the position of a. Palms should be located on the width of the shoulders, knees and feet - on the same line. Pressing your elbows to your body, slowly sink down. The exercise perfectly works on the pectoral muscles and triceps, and also trains the press.
    Push-ups for weight loss
  3. Running in the forefoot. The time now is: 30 seconds.
    This exercise will help to work through all the muscles and burn excess fat. Starting position: see the exercise above.

    Strain the press, right leg bend in the knee and pull to the chest. Hips and back are motionless. Return to the starting position, repeat with the left foot.

    Home weight loss training

  4. Attacks. The time now is: 60 seconds.
    The starting position: feet on the width of the shoulders, hands on the hips. Starting with the left foot, take a big step forward, with the bend angle in the knee should be 90 degrees. The knee of the right foot almost touch the floor.

    Push back into the starting position, repeat the exercise with the right foot. Look carefully at the photo: the back of the model is maximally straight!

    Slimming lunges

  5. Jumps. The time now is: 60 seconds.
    Starting position: feet together, legs straight, arms lowered along the body. Jump up, while setting your legs apart and raising your arms over your head. Again, jump back to the starting position.

    By the way, this exercise is included in the course of military training in the United States, because it greatly increases physical endurance.

    Jumping for weight loss

This training is very effective: due to a high rate, a huge amount of calories is burnt in the shortest possible time. Combine exercises at your own discretion and become slimmer!

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