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Natural Fertilizers for Home Colors

In order to home flowers grow well and please the eye, you need to periodically fertilize them. If you do this with the right tools and on time, then you can prevent different Plant diseases.

We suggest that you learn about the 5 most effectiveFertilizers for domestic plants that every florist can afford. They are not as famous as feeding with sugar, wood ash and so on, but no less effective.

Fertilizer for flowers

Natural fertilizers for flowers

  1. coffee grounds
    A remarkable fertilizer for all colors iscoffee grounds. Having drunk a cup of natural coffee, what remains at the bottom, mix with the ground in the flowerpot. Due to this it becomes more friable and light.
  2. Potato broth
    When boil potatoes, drain the water and cool it. Then you can water it with houseplants. Starch is important for plants, as they store it for an unfavorable period of time.
  3. Aquarium water
    In the water from the aquarium contains substances,Stimulating plant growth. It is recommended to use it for fertilizing in the spring or in the first month of summer. Also, it needs to be done no more than once a month, so that the ground does not turn green and not sour.
  4. Water from rinsing croups
    Use water from washing the cereals (rice, buckwheat andEtc.) for fertilizing the soil of indoor plants. Such water contains silicon, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, from which "green friends" will blossom and grow even better.
  5. fertilizer

  6. Onion cocktail
    Fertilization with broth, cooked from onionHusks, favorably affects the growth of all home plants without exception. The husks are rich in vitamins c, e, pp, group a and a. And also contains potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and manganese.

    For cooking onion cocktail at onceTake about 50 g of onion peel, fill it with 2 liters of hot water, bring the broth to a boil. Boil for about 7-8 minutes and let it brew for three hours. When the broth cools down, strain it and sprinkle the plants and the top layer of the soil.

Using various fertilizers for home colors, try not to overdo it. Excess nutrients can cause Death of plants.

Natural home nutrition is not worse than store. They promote the growth of flowering and ordinary plants, are an excellent prevention and treatment of their diseases.

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