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If people do not eat meat

For many years now meat Is a matter for the disputes of all mankind. Some prefer to adhere to vegetarianism, motivating their choice by the fact that it is not only beneficial to the body, but also saves lives in anything other than innocent animals.

Others do not know how to give upJuicy flavored shish kebab or steak. They explain their passion for meat by its use, since this natural product contains a number of amino acids that the human body is unable to produce on its own. Who of them is right?

Probably, the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, scientists and many famous people, as always, have their own conjectures about what would have changed in the world if people had abandoned meat.

If people do not eat meat

  1. The ecology will improve
    According to scientists, to date Cattle breeding Recognized as one of the main factors that destroyEcology of the planet. While more greenhouse gas emissions are produced than all types of transport combined, and large areas of farmland are needed, under which valuable forests are cut down.

    A few years ago, in 2009, the MinisterHealth UK Andrew Barnem suggested that if the number of livestock is reduced by 30%, then by 2030 the agricultural sector will throw into the atmosphere 50% less carbon dioxide. While the number of people dying from heart disease, will be reduced by 18 thousand per year.

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  3. Water is enough for everyone
    According to a report published by the StockholmThe international water institute, "if humanity continues to follow current trends and go everywhere to the diet of modern Western culture, then by 2050 there will not be enough water to drink 9 billion.

    Water is sufficient only if the share of Animal food In the diet of people will drop to 5%. " According to the same report, about 70% of the planet's fresh water resources are currently used in agriculture.

  4. Vincent van gogh

  5. Food is enough for everyone
    Experts call the meat industry,Whose profitability is doubtful, one of the causes of hunger in the world. According to statistics, today in the world about a billion people are starving. Meanwhile, 90% of soybean and 80% of corn are fed to slaughter cattle in the United States. It is assumed that these volumes would be enough to feed at least 800 million hungry people.
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  7. Meat and profitability
    In the world there are almost 17 billion farm animals, that is almost twice as many as people. On their maintenance there is a lot of forage.

    Scientists calculated that all animals that are grown for production Meat products, Consume more protein than produce. 10 kilograms of grain fed to animals, give only 1 kilogram of meat.

    It is noteworthy that with the problem of food for animalsMany countries cope very successfully: many large companies recognize that it is cheaper and far-sighted to buy fodder abroad or to transport their cattle there. This is how the United States came from Haiti (one of the poorest countries in the world where most of the fertile land is used for planting alfalfa, which feeds American cows).

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  9. Meat substitutes
    Scientists and genetics have already learned to grow Artificial meat From stem cells, however hardly such noveltyWill be affordable for many lovers of meat. The cost of one such cutlet is more than 300 $! Scientists are preparing unfavorable news for all lovers of meat: in the foreseeable future, a person can no longer eat as much meat as he eats today.

    This is due to a rise in price of meat products,Which, by the way, is palpable even today. There are forecasts that in 100 years meat will be a delicacy, and breeding of farm animals can become a new "chip" of high society.

    In the light of these possible events futuristsPredict that the alternative to meat for humanity will serve ... insects! Oddly enough, but this market already exists and is developing rapidly. Chapul and exo produce and sell bars with ground beetles and grasshoppers, and bizarre food grows and sells herb moth larvae.

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Probably, some of these hypotheses of scientists will please, others - will grieve. Someone will consider that the life of all mankind without meat is a complete utopia, and the other will sincerely believe in it.

Most importantly, do not forget that first and foremost we are all people, and we need to bring good and light, to forgive and to love. Share this article with your friends and stay a man under any circumstances!