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How to help your daughter to love her body

Studies have long proven that when parentsTeasing the child because of his excess weight or inciting his child to go on a diet, this can lead to serious consequences. For example, a digestive system disorder or depression. But recently scientists have turned their gaze to such a factor as copying the way parents think.

In other words, if, for example, the mother constantly grumbles, what she needs lose weight Or daily before meals counts the amountCalories and carbohydrates, chances are high that the daughter will also be unhappy with her figure, even if she has the ideal weight or parameters. So that children grow up without complexes and aversion to their bodies, one must lay the right perception in their childhood. Believe me, this is quite easy!

How to love yourself

  1. Say compliments to yourself every day
    All children think that their mothers are the best onLight! Try to agree with your child, but do not get hung up on external data. If you had a hard day, it would be very right to hug your child and say: "Today was not the best day for me, but I did not allow troubles to destroy my good mood." Pay attention to the psychological aspects and do not lose faith in yourself. Believe me, children well feel false.
  2. Accept compliments from others with gratitude
    If one of your friends tells you: "You look very good today," do not start denying: "oh, it's all tonal cream", or better yet: "Are you kidding"? So you say that no matter who and what says, you are still dissatisfied with yourself. Do not reject the compliments, but learn how to correctly accept them. A simple and kind "thank you" truly works wonders!
  3. Throw some words out of your vocabulary
    Such words as "puffy", "fat", "flabby"Must completely disappear from your vocabulary. And along with them the words "diet", "calories", "carbohydrates". First, to argue at the dinner table about good and bad carbohydrates - terribly boring. And secondly, the research of the University of Science in Minnesota proves that constant discussions on harmful and useful food can lead to unpleasant consequences that have nothing to do with Healthy eating habits.

    During the meal try to talk only about tasteThose or other dishes, but do not give up diet. If the child pays attention to the fact that you do not put on your plate a favorite salad "olivier" or a piece of ham, tell him something like: "I try to try other products that give me energy to do things that I like. For example, to play tennis. "

  4. Pay attention to how you express yourself about others
    Children have the ability to see and notice everything. Let them understand since childhood that all people are different, and will learn to perceive this fact as a matter of course. If during watching TV you saw your favorite actress, try to avoid the temptation to comment on her weight.

    If your child hears someone commentingShape and weight of another person, he begins to think that in his absence the same thing is said about him. Better place emphasis on things that really matter to the baby. For example: "how great it would be to see the light today. She's such a good conversationalist! "

  5. Go to the pool
    No matter how you feel inSwimsuit, visit the child with a swimming pool or go as often as possible to the beach. Behave naturally and do not forget that the child looks at you and copies your behavior.
  6. Go to the pool

In life there are so many joyful, unforgettableMoments, do not miss them just because you do not consider yourself perfect! Share with your friends these simple tips and give the child the right worldview!