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Sports against stress

"When they tell me that I'm happy, they do not even know how much I work for this!" Then how you feel depends on you. This story proves that the person himself is responsible for what happens to him. A girl who suffered from chronic depression, at one point realized - so no longer possible. She made a suicide attempt - unsuccessful, fortunately for her.

After hospitalization and treatment in the hospital, the clerk decided cool change the life And take the depression under your control. This mental disorder was described by another hippocrates, emphasizing that depression is treated with the help of water procedures, exercise and regulation of sleep cycles. Since ancient times much has changed, but the fundamentals have remained the same - a healthy, orderly way of life leads to getting rid of depressions.

Sports and stress


  1. Hormones
    The case of the clerk was quite heavy - her depression did not arise as a usual reaction to stress. The disease was manifested due to lack of Dopamine and Serotonin, These substances were produced in the body in insufficient quantities. After analyzing the situation, the girl realized: she does not want to take medicines that fill the lack of hormones all her life.

    Antidepressants have unpleasant side effectsEffects - they are added to weight, constantly want to sleep, the mind becomes dull. The clerk chose running as a way of replenishing hormones of happiness in her body and did not fail! For 30 minutes of jogging, a sufficient number of Endorphins In order to survive a critical depressive state without drugs.

    Even if people with the physiological causes of the disease cope with depression with the help of physical stress, then what about those who are depressed as a result of the usual daily stresses?

    Sports - what you need for a great mood andState of health. Endorphins are hormones of happiness, during their intensive training they are produced very much. The mechanism is simple: muscles work, they strain and ache, the hormone adrenalin. To reduce pain, Relieve fatigue And weaken the adrenaline stroke, there are Endorphins, Which give peace, happiness and relaxation. And all this - in just half an hour of increased physical activity.

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  3. Psyche
    The hormonal system guides us, but it's not worth it.Forget that the psychological state of a person can contribute to depression, or, conversely, help to successfully fight it. Sports trains willpower, increases self-esteem, gives the person self-confidence.

    He begins to believe that he is able toTo control their emotional state and enter the right direction of thinking at their own volition. This is what many victims of depression lack: they do not value themselves, they do not believe that they can change their lives. Defeating yourself in sport, you win Negative emotions And the reason for their appearance at the root. Willpower - still a great power.

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  5. Physical health
    People who are engaged in sports are beginning to loveYour body, feel it to the fullest. It's the ideal machine that works the way you want it to be! Sports solves a lot of health problems, normalizes metabolism, improves well-being.

    Due to physical stresses a person learns to breathe deeply, oxygen enters the blood actively. Deep breathing Helps to cope with nervous tension, depression literally dissolves in the right breathing. Elated mood after training persists for a long time, it is a reliable antidote against stress.

The clerk was able to cope with the oppressed state withThe help of sport. Continuing to study, she appreciates herself and her life more and more, learns to perceive any events positively and does not suffer from protracted depression any more. This is an excellent solution for everyone who feels that the nerves are clearly not in order. Playing sports Return harmony to the work of the nervous system, it really is.

Train your body, and you will become a hardy andA strong personality with a huge resource of happiness and vitality. It sounds tempting, does not it? Tell your friends the story of this girl - depression is treated with sports!