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Pool without chlorine

Lovers of swimming pools know how difficult it is to take care of them. Have such beauty near a private house or at the cottage - not only pleasure and bonuses, but also considerable trouble.

Clean the pool with chlorine one punishment: it is dangerous, not environmentally friendly, unpleasant, and water then retains a specific odor for a long time. Recently, a revolutionary Method of pool cleaning. It was suggested by nature itself: There are plants that easily clean even highly polluted water and maintain a healthy microflora in it. Soon chlorination will be a relic of the past, I feel it!

How to clean a pool

Outdoor swimming pool

Scientists have long gone to the invention of the method Purification of water without chlorination. Means based on active oxygen and bromine- a good option, but they are expensive. Inorganic chlorine - another assistant in cleaning the pool, but its effect is noticeably weaker than usual chlorine, the effect of transparent water is not kept for so long.


Chlorine causes allergies, irritation of mucous membranes, especially harmful for children. The availability of this method of purification does not cover its obvious disadvantages.

Outdoor swimming pool

Recently in the Great Britain an eco-basin was builtIn the heart of London. This is a novelty among public pools: in its design there is no water filtration system, for its purification, absolutely no chemicals are used. Only aquatic flora and plants - they act as cleaners and cleaners. Eco-pools Get more and more popular, because splashing in chlorinated water is not too pleasant.

Outdoor swimming pool

People who value their health and loveNature, will certainly benefit from a new scientific discovery. If you have a swimming pool, why not transform it into an ideal cleansing system, where everything will happen by itself through natural processes?

Outdoor swimming pool

See how the real eco-basin is arranged! So you want to swim ...

Development of science gives hope that soonHarmful chemicals will no longer ruin our health. Nature tells the best ways to meet the needs of man, and it's wonderful! Show this stunned video to friends, especially those who ventured to build a pool near their home.