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Fruits and berries that can be grown on a windowsill

Grow strawberries, blueberries and figs can eachMan, and no matter how good a gardener. In flower pots you can grow almost any fruit and berries, but these three are the easiest, so it's better to start with them.

"so simple!" Prepared for you detailed instructions for growing blueberries, strawberries and figs on the windowsill. If you want tasty berries and fruits to be at hand, take advantage of these tips!

What to grow on the windowsill

  1. Strawberry
  2. Strawberry

    In a city apartment is bestTo grow repair small-fruited shrub or ampel varieties of strawberry. After landing in the flowerpots on the windowsill, such varieties begin to bear fruit after two months.

    Earth: Ready-made substrate can be bought inSpecialized stores. Suitable for any universal soil mixture for flowers or vegetables. You can also prepare the soil for growing strawberries yourself. For this it is necessary to take in equal parts the land from the forest (preferably from the coniferous), ready humus and sand. The ready substrate is filled up in containers with good drainage, since strawberry does not tolerate water stagnation. As drainage, you can use claydite, river pebbles or small-bricks.

    landing: Seedlings can be purchased in specialFarms that cultivate it, or grow it out of seeds. It should be noted that unknown sellers in the market should not buy seedlings, since there is a risk of acquiring a grade that is not suitable for cultivation in an apartment.

    lighting: Strawberry beds should be placed on the southernSoutheast windows, and in winter time to arrange fluorescent lamp illumination. Strawberry is demanding for the mode of illumination, it needs to provide at least an 8-hour light day.

    temperature: For strawberries, the usualRoom temperature (18-22 degrees), if the room temperature is lower, you need to install electric heaters. Plants are demanding for moisture and soil, and air.

    watering: The beds should be watered as they dry up, while avoiding overmoistening. If the air in the room is too dry, you can spray water from the sprayer around the plants.

    Top dressing: For better development it is necessary to feedStrawberries at least once every two weeks. For this purpose it is recommended to use universal fertilizers for indoor plants or special fertilizers for strawberries. However, the plants should not be overfed, as only the greens will grow to the detriment of the fruits. To increase the number of ovaries in the flowering period, the bushes should be shaken or artificial pollination with a soft brush applied. During fruiting, strawberries need an increased iron content in the soil. Some recommend for this to stick a rusty nail into the container with a plant, but it is better to spray the leaves with special solutions containing organic iron compounds, they can be bought at specialized flower shops.

  3. Blueberries
  4. Blueberries

    To fructify the bush bilberry need cross-pollination. So it's better to buy a few blueberry bushes of different varieties and periods of fruiting.

    Earth: Must be special - ericaceous compost (compostFor heather) is an acid-alkaline mixture, which can be prepared by adding a special gel that retains moisture to it, watergel. To fill a pot you need two thirds of the soil, which is sold for rhododendrons, azaleas or camellias. On top - a layer of compost mulch and crushed pine bark, which helps to conserve moisture in the container.

    landing: Plant blueberry plants in a containerAt the same depth on which they grew up in their nursery. Then you need to pour the soil until the excess moisture starts to drain through the holes in the bottom of the pot, then the soil needs to be compacted and, if necessary, added more.

    lighting: Bilberry is also demanding for the mode of illumination, like strawberry, it needs to provide at least 6-hour light day.

    temperature: The usual room temperature (18-22 degrees) is quite suitable.

    watering: Moisture-loving blueberries require frequent watering, especially in the middle of summer, when it's hot and the fruits ripen.

    Top dressing: Enough to feed twice a year - in spring and autumn. It can be organic fertilizers, but those that acidify the soil.

  5. Figs
  6. Figs

    Room figs is compact in size, unpretentious, grows well on the windowsill and yields 2 times a year.

    Earth: Must be nutritious, drained, containLeaf humus, turf, peat and river sand. After a while, when the root system of the tree grows and fills the entire pot, the room figs should be transplanted into a more spacious container, 6-8 liters in volume.

    landing: In order to grow figs withCuttings, choose the fully matured branches of the fruit-bearing fig tree. Rooting is best done in January-February before the plant discards the leaves and begins to grow young shoots. Cuttings cut into 10-16 cm long with 3-4 buds. For their cutting a sharp knife is used. The sections are dried in a cool place or outdoors for 7 hours. In the lower part of the cut, several small incisions are made, this will contribute to a better root formation. For rooting the cuttings are placed in a container with river sand to a depth of 2-4 cm. After that, they are watered and placed under a jar. Prepared cuttings can be placed in a container with water, this will also promote rapid rooting. When the roots grow, the seedlings are transplanted into pots with prepared soil.

    lighting: In spring, when the weather is warm, a container with a plant is placed on the balcony or in the garden.

    temperature: Like all subtropical plants, this cultureNeeds a period of rest. For this winter, the tree is placed in a warmed loggia, winter garden or some other cool place where the air temperature does not exceed + 10-15 ° C and does not go below 0 ° C. However, it is possible to winter the figs at home on a window sill, away from heating devices.

    watering: Requires regular watering, so during the growing season it is necessary to moisten the soil in a timely manner, otherwise the leaves will begin to curl up and fall off.

    Top dressing: For the rapid development of culture and goodFructification requires nitrogen, so the first fertilizer should consist of this fertilizer. During each transplant, fertilizers are introduced. During swelling of the kidneys alternate top dressing from the manure solution with phosphorus top dressing. In the rest period, no additional fertilizing is required.

Try it To grow fruit-bearing plants In my own window sill. They look no worse than any indoor plant, but you will benefit much more. Because strawberries, blueberries and figs are not only delicious, but also very useful berries and fruits!