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Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is usually associated withSomething tedious and boring. But in fact it is not. The right way of life helps a person realize their plans, achieve their goals, always be on top and look great. For sure you know that health depends on Immune system.

If she is strong, a person Rarely sick, He recovers more quickly, he rarely appearsComplications after the transferred diseases. And vice versa, if immunity is weak, a person becomes a frequent visitor to polyclinics and pharmacies. No one will argue that buying drugs is expensive, sitting in lines at a polyclinic is boring, and it's unacceptable to look bad and constantly get sick!

If you still think that a healthy lifestyle depends only on Proper nutrition, - read our article. We will tell you about 15 ways that will strengthen your immunity and help to protect yourself from diseases!

Healthy lifestyle rules

  1. Go in for sports
    It is proved that people who regularly doSports, rarely get sick, they have fewer problems with excess weight, they are less likely to have diseases of the genitourinary and cardiovascular system. Daily exercise - your required minimum of physical activity per day. Let it become the same habit as washing in the morning. This will help you to start the day in a good mood, reduce the production of stress hormones in the blood, recharge your cheerfulness and optimism!
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  3. Eat more vitamins
    In your daily diet should be as possibleMore raw fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and microelements, which are contained in them in large quantities, help to strengthen immunity, regulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanse the intestines and help fight fat deposits.
  4. Vitamins

  5. Temper
    Hardening is one of the best assistants inObservance of a healthy way of life. Ideally, it needs to be taught in childhood, but this is just the case when it is better late than never. Air baths and water procedures strengthen the nervous system, favorably affect the heart and blood vessels, normalize blood pressure and metabolism. To begin hardening is best with grinding the body with a dry towel, later go to wet wipes, and then to dousing.
  6. Hardening

  7. Eat protein
    Protein helps the body to developImmunoglobulins - protective antibodies, increasing immunity. If you neglect meat, fish, eggs, milk dishes, nuts, they simply will not be able to form.
  8. Proteins

  9. drink tea
    just imagine: Only 5 cups of hot tea a day will significantly strengthen your body. Ordinary black tea secretes substances that increase the activity of blood cells, which are responsible for the body's immunity. However, this applies only to quality teas.
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  11. have some fun
    According to research by scientists, people who havePositive emotional mood - happy, unflappable, full of enthusiasm, and less susceptible to colds. Fun and healthy lifestyle are inseparable.
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  13. Meditate
    Meditation helps to improve physical and emotional health, calm the nervous system, strengthen immunity.
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  15. Do not worry
    Long-term stress causes a powerful blow to theImmunity. Increasing the level of negative hormones, it suppresses the release of those substances that help to maintain health. By learning to deal with stress, you stop the flow of excess hormones, which just make a person fat, irritable and forgetful.
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  17. Walk away from depressions
    Apathy and indifference are the main enemies of a strongImmunity. American scientists have found that women who suffer from depression are subject to changes in the immune system and are more likely to have viral diseases than those who enjoy life.
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  19. Alcohol minimum
    According to numerous studies, alcoholSuspends the work of leukocytes, which determine and destroy infectious cells and the viruses themselves. Remember that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible.
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  21. Sleep well
    A sound sleep is one of the best waysStay healthy. People who sleep for 7-8 hours, definitely do the right thing. During a night's sleep, enzymes are developed that strengthen the immune system and prolong your health.
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  23. My hands
    Always my hands with soap twice. Scientists from Columbia University found that a single wash of hands has virtually no effect, even if people use antibacterial soap. So my hands are twice, if you want to drive away the cold.
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  25. Visit the sauna
    Regularly visit the sauna. In the course of the experiment, scientists proved that volunteers, who often went to the sauna, were twice as sick with colds as compared to those who did not go there at all. Most likely, hot air, inhaled by man, destroys pathogenic viruses and bacteria.
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  27. Gifts of nature
    Natural remedies that strongly strengthen immunity are: echinacea, ginseng and Schisandra. Take herbal decoctions, not only for medical purposes, but also for prevention.
  28. Herbs

  29. Probiotics
    Should eat foods that increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the body. They are called probiotic, their onions include onions and leeks, garlic, artichokes and bananas.
  30. Probiotics

As you see, to lead a healthy lifestyle at allnot difficult. Less lying on the couch and more moving, less nervous and keep a positive attitude, stick to the right diet, and you will save not only excellent health, but also prolong youth, and as a pleasant bonus you can quickly get rid of excess weight. Tell us about these simple ways to stay healthy to your friends, and conquer new peaks together!