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Tips for Men

Men are naturally good masters. They are capable of anything! While, however, are not accustomed to looking for easy ways to solve problems - not as cunning as inventive female housewives. If your dad or grandfather were familiar with these business Housekeeping advice, It would be much easier for them to do their masculine deeds. These 16 tips will help you cope with household issues much more effectively. Men, for the cause! Point 14 works flawlessly.

Advice to men

  1. This is how you need to fold your shirt and belt. The collar will remain in perfect condition!
    How to lay down a shirt
  2. When painting any surface, do not forget to wrap the protruding parts, such as handles, in foil, then they will not get stained with paint.
    Surface painting
  3. Remove excess paint using a stretch on the jar gum.
    Surplus paint
  4. Scratches on the machine are removed using an oil spray wd-40 or its analogues. It is enough just to wipe the damaged surface with it, and it will again shine like new!
    Scratches on the car
  5. Keep the laces neatly folded in paper cylinders. Absolute order!
  6. Before you start using the water filter, pour in there ... vodka! It will perfectly prepare the filter for use.
    water filter
  7. Keep your treasures right.
    Advice to men
  8. It turns out, a measuring glass was created for men's spirits!
  9. Soak the knife with cold water, and the onion will not make you cry.
  10. Walnuts perfectly help to cope with scratches on wooden surfaces. Their nuts, and the appearance will greatly improve!
  11. Idea for storing garden tools.
    gardening Tools
  12. If you put a glass of water in the microwave, your pizza will not dry up during warming.
    A glass of water
  13. If the house is tight with bed linen, you can use a duvet cover as a sleeping bag - both a sheet and a blanket, 2 in 1.
  14. Too narrow and tight shoes will become noticeably larger if you spray them with a spray for windows with alcohol. Then insert the expanders inside or wear the shoes with a thick toe.
    Close shoes
  15. If you soak the kitchen knife in salt water for half an hour, it will be much easier to sharpen. Soak the knife just before the process.
    kitchen knife
  16. Baking a pie with meat, fish and other juicy fillings, use such cunning: cut the bread into thin slices and put it under the cake, if you notice that the filling started to flow. Nothing will burn!
    Pie with filling

Have dispatched these advice to everyone - I'm sure they will be useful not only for men. How cool, when household chores turn from ordinary to pleasant ...