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Flower pot from cardboard

Flowers have the property to bring beauty andAnimation in the house, diluting the interior with lush colors and saturating the air with fresh fragrance. But plants need not only to properly care for, fertilize and replant every year, but also to pick up their proper decor. More simply, the pot should not only fit the flower in size, but also harmoniously fit into the interior.

We offer your attention to the original solution: a flower pot made of a small cardboard box. He is not only Enliven the room, But also will please with its simple and laconic appearance.

How to make a flower pot

You will need

  • Cardboard box from under shoes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Scotch
  • Kraft paper
  • A little patience


  1. First find a cardboard box, you can from under the shoes.
  2. Flower pot with own hands

  3. Neatly her cutting, trying not to tear the sides.
  4. cardboard box

  5. Cut out 4 strips in the height of the flower pot. If the cardboard allows, it can be 2-3 cm above the pot.
  6. Cardboard photo

  7. Glue a piece of cardboard among themselves, gently bend and fasten. The frame is ready!
  8. Cardboard frame

  9. Now take the kraft paper. Cut it into strips about 5 cm wide and begin to twist into strands.
  10. Kraft paper

  11. It is better to do it for future use, in order not to be distracted.
  12. Strips of paper

  13. With glue, attach flagella to the frame of the future pot.
  14. How to glue a box

  15. It was…
  16. box

  17. Has become!
  18. flower pot

This idea is very simple, it does not need special materials or conditions, and you probably have an old home Shoe box.

Share this creative idea with your friends, because creating interesting things for decorating the interior is so easy!