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How to eat fruits, vegetables and berries correctly

Summer is a wonderful time when vegetables, fruits and berries are abundant, so you need to stock up on vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that make up their composition.

Today "so simple!" Prepared for you 10 extraordinary ideas that will teach you how to properly cut, store and use the gifts of nature. So vegetables, fruits and berries will become even tastier and even more useful!

How to serve fruits and vegetables

  1. Shish kebab from mouth-watering berries and fruits.
  2. Shish kebab of fruit

  3. Pieces of pineapple, strawberries and banana, strung on skewers and covered with a layer of chocolate.
  4. Fruit on skewers

  5. Watermelon-fruit pizza - A real vitamin bomb.
  6. Watermelon supply

  7. Apple baskets with berries.
  8. Apple baskets with berries

  9. So you need to store the apple so it does not darken.
  10. Tempting Fruit vase From watermelon.
  11. Fruit vase from watermelon

  12. How convenient it is to clean an orange.
  13. How to peel an orange

  14. Cut a mango as a professional.
  15. How to cut a mango

  16. So need To cut Bulgarian pepper.
  17. How to cut Bulgarian pepper

  18. Watermelon with greens in shots from cucumbers.
  19. Watermelon supply

Some of these ideas can be used toPicnics or outings with friends on the nature, and others will suit even for festive tables. Use these ideas to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from eating fruits, berries and vegetables!