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Tips for useful decor

It is not at all unpleasant to spend time and effort onArrangement of his house. Because the pleasure that you get, considering neatly and stylishly decomposed things, is not comparable to anything. The beauty of lines and colors, combined with the ideal order, is what creates the atmosphere Coziness in the house.

If you take advantage of these tips, the situation will change - it will be easier to find the right and more pleasant to look around ... especially these Design finds People who are fortunate to live in a private home.

Tips for decor

  1. Rosette in the drawer of the table!
    Rosette in the drawer of the table
  2. An extra table and a space under it in the bathroom.
    Bathroom decor
  3. Free library for neighbors and those who are keen on bookcrossing.
  4. Tiles in the shower, Which changes color depending on the temperature. beauty…
    Original tiles in the shower
  5. A way to conveniently store paper towels.
    Storage space for paper towels
  6. This box hides the outlet! Very aesthetically and safely, useful for those with small children.
  7. The shelf in the long corridor should be used!
    a shelf
  8. Folding dryers, Occupying the minimum space.
    Folding dryers
  9. Door for a baby or a pet.
    Baby's door
  10. More natural light!
    Bright lamp
  11. Toilet with individual seats, decorated in the form of inlays. Th!
    Original toilet bowl
  12. The door that connects the kitchen and the garage.
    Door between kitchen and garage
  13. A sheet of stainless steel will give your household appliances a more representative look.
    Sheet steel on the oven
  14. Do not forget to put in order the foundation ... that's much better.
    How to decorate a foundation
  15. Built-in sockets Will allow you to push the furniture closer to the wall.
    Built-in sockets
  16. Another nice option Placement of outlets.
    Socket placement
  17. Shower in the royal style.
  18. Spices and oil should be stored closer to the stove! Comfortable organization of the kitchen - a pledge of delicious dishes.
    Spice storage
  19. And did you notice this little tunnel?
    Partition between rooms
  20. Stylish compact beds. They can not be compared with ordinary bunk.
    Compact beds
  21. special Cabinet for cleaners in the kitchen.
    Cabinet for cleaners
  22. Replace the old house number with modern. The house will look younger!
    Unusual house number
  23. The sign on the bathroom door will be a guiding light for guests.
    Bathroom door
  24. A window in the staircase! Oh, this will be my favorite place ...
    Window in the staircase
  25. The lamp should correspond to the general mood.
  26. Use lockers like Places for installation of machinery, Hiding the wires and sockets inside the furniture. Very comfortable and looks neat.
    Places for installation of machinery
  27. Kitchen box - cutting board!
    Kitchen box
  28. Step for the child.
    Step for the child
  29. Stool with hinges Will save space in the kitchen.
    Stool with hinges
  30. Create additional boxes wherever you like.
  31. Mirror tiles Looks like a window.
    Mirror tiles
  32. Summer shower - an integral element of the courtyard near a private house.
    Summer shower
  33. Shower for dirty shoes and stained dog legs.
    Shower for washing dog paws
  34. I dream so to store bread ...
    A place to store bread

At first glance, these are incomprehensible pictures, butHaving looked narrowly more attentively, you will understand, to what these councils are ingenious. Try to change something in your house, and you'll see how your mood will change! Show this brilliant list of ideas to others.