/ English verbs of movement and action

English verbs of movement and action

English is the language of the future. Now it is necessary for almost every person either for work or as a means of communication during travel. If you are just learning English or just going to do it, "so simple!" Gathered for you in one place the most Common verbs of English, Indicating the action and motion.

is yours lexicon Will receive a huge charge of "lexical fuel", since it will not be necessary to replace specific actions with descriptive words.

English verbs of movement and action

English verbs of movement

Begin - Begin (s)
Appear - to appear
Be late - be late
Continue - continue (s)
Take - take time)
Put off - postpone
Finish - complete
End - Complete (s)
Stop - stop
Cease - to cease
Move - move (s)
Lift - lift up
Raise - lift up
Rise - to rise
Lower - lower
Go out - go out
Go in - enter
Cross - to cross
Go along - go along
Follow - to follow
Turn right / left - turn right / left
Arrive - arrive
Return - to return
Go - go, go
Come - come
Go on foot - walk
Run - to run away
Fly - to fly
Ride - ride / ride
Be - be
Have - have
There is - available
Be present - be present
Sufficient - be sufficient
Be absent - to be absent
Be empty - be empty
Gather - collect (s)
Add - add
Fill - fill
Be full To be complete
Reduce - reduce
Exclude - exclude
Spend - spend
Spoil - to spoil
Remain - stay
Keep - hold
Possess - own
Belong - belong to
Contain - contain
March Step
Walk To go
Run - to run away
Crawl - crawl
Tiptoe - to go on tiptoe
Drag - to drag
Push - pushing
Jump - to jump
Leap - jump (for a long distance)
Hop - bounce
Skip - to gallop
Hit - to beat
Stretch - stretch, stretch
Lift - lift up
Put down - put
Dive - to dive
Lean Lean
Sit - to sit
Crouch - to sneak
Squat - crouch
Bend - bend
Pick up - select
Hold - Keep
Carry - carry
Slap / hit - spank (usually with the palm of one's hand)
Punch To punch
Kick To kick
Catch - catching
Throw - to throw
Pull - to pull

Be sure to keep this cheat sheet, and even better - print and hang in a prominent place. So it will be much easier for you to memorize all the verbs of action and motion.

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