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Tips for designers for women

Women are beautiful at any age and sight. With this completely agree Famous designersWho try to create the best things for beautiful nymphs. But not only things are important for an impeccable female look - this opinion is shared even by fashion designers.

Charm, charisma, skill with cunning andIngenuity to treat the world - those qualities that make a woman a woman. Listen to these words of famous couturiers, and you will emphasize all the best that is already in you!

Clothes designers' tips

  1. Age for a woman is not important: you can be adorable at 20, charming at 40 and remain irresistible until the end of your days. Coco Chanel
  2. Do not delve into trends. Do not let the fashion take possession of yourself, decide for yourself who you are, what you want to express with your clothes and way of life. Jannie Versace
  3. Each eaten piece remains in the mouth for two minutes, two hours in the stomach and two months on the hips. Christian Dior
  4. The best fashion accessory for a woman is a handsome man! Coco Chanel
  5. Perfume is an unsurpassed shade of female individuality, this is the final touch of the image. Christian Dior
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  7. Choosing accessories, take off what you put on last. Coco Chanel
  8. What you wear means how you present yourself to the world, especially now, when contacts between people are so fast. Fashion is a direct language, understandable without translation. Miuccia prada
  9. You can not fake chic, but you can be posh in fake furs. Carl campfeld
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  11. Shoes transform the expression and posture of your body. They raise you up both physically and emotionally. Kristian Lubuten
  12. A well-cut dress goes to any woman. dot! Coco Chanel
  13. Nothing so old a woman, as too rich costume. Coco Chanel
  14. Beware of originality. In the female fashion, originality can lead to a masquerade. Coco Chanel
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  16. Buy less, choose better and do it yourself! Vivian westwood
  17. There are no ugly women - there are lazy. Coco chanel
  18. The care of choosing shoes is never excessive. Too many women think that they are not important, but the real confirmation of the elegance of a woman is what she has on her feet. Christian dior
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  20. Hands - business card girl. Neck her passport. Chest - passport. Coco Chanel
  21. To be irreplaceable, you need to change all the time. Coco Chanel
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These vivid statements of popular designersReflect the essence of the character of any woman who aspires to become better in everything. If you agree with what the designers say about women, show this post to friends.

Beauty, originality, brightness - all these are only external manifestations of what is stored inside the female heart. Always remember this when you are in a bad mood!