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Products that can not be eaten

The benefits and disadvantages of products are a topic that can beTo speak endlessly. Some prefer to stand at the stove from morning to night, trying to cook "fresh, with a heat with a heat." Others justify their love for harmful food with its rich taste and ease of preparation (and sometimes even its absence).

But it also happens that the most harmless at first glance the product is not just harmful, but literally deadly! Today edition "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of the most harmful to health products, which is simply unacceptable to eat!

Products that can not be eaten

  1. Oil 73%
    It can not be eaten in any case. It's not butter, but the real trans fat is low-grade vegetable oil, broken down by hydrogen. Remember: butter is not less than 82.5%. If you can not buy it, then you better use the vegetable.

    Use of products containing Trans fats, Reduces the body's ability to resist stress, increases the risk of depression, reduces immunity, impairs vision and digestive system.

    Food products that also contain trans fats: Margarine, soft oils, mixes of cream and vegetable oils, refined vegetable oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, French fries (from fast food), confectionery: cakes, cakes, biscuits, crackers, for making culinary fat, snacks (chips, popcorn) , Frozen semi-finished products.

  2. butter

  3. Lightly salted herring in plastic packages
    The fish is stored only in oil, and not in vinegar or wine. If the herring is without oil, then it is better not to buy it, since it contains a hazardous substance for urotropine, which is Prohibited additive All over the world (formed by the interaction of ammonia with formaldehyde).
  4. a fish

  5. Salted roe
    The principle is the same - caviar is not stored for a long time (only strongly salted or frozen). If sold slightly salted, then it added either urotropin or citric acid.

    Can be added something else, but at the outputStill get formaldehyde. This substance is dangerous in that it causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory organs, provokes the appearance of asthma and allergies.

    Genetically modified foods: Crab sticks, cocoa, peanuts (the gene is plantedPetunias are a terribly poisonous substance, because of which peanuts are not eaten even by insects), imported potatoes, green peas (canned), corn (canned), corn sticks and cereal with sugar.

    If you buy corn flakes or sticks, thenTake not sweet. Sugar is not used in production - it burns at a temperature of 140 degrees. Instead, producers use sugar substitutes, in this case - cyclamate.

  6. Polka dots

  7. Cereals and cereals with flavors and dyes (identical to natural)
    Smack and flavor of pear, strawberry, banana ...Is achieved by harmful chemicals. Long-term use of products containing high concentrations of artificial flavors can adversely affect the liver and metabolism, provoke diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  8. Candies (barberry)
    So strong chemicalEssence, that if a slightly soaked candy is left on the tablecloth, it will burn through it. It's scary to even imagine what happens when you dissolve the sweet in the stomach.
  9. Jams and jujube
    These are the most powerful antioxidants. Never cherry can not survive in such a primordial form. And nothing to do with the products that were produced under the USSR, the current marmalade does not. It's just the wonders of the chemical industry.
  10. Marmalade

  11. Products on the principle of "just add water": instant noodles, Instant soups, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, soluble Juic and Zuko juices. Remember! All this is solid chemistry, which harms the body.
  12. Myvina

  13. Meat substitutes: Smoked sausages, sausages, sausages,Boiled sausage, pâté. Consist of genetically modified soy, since meat in these products is not more than 5%. All the rest - gel (karatinin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). By the way, sausages "as before" no one is already smoking. For this, smoking liquids are used, in which again formaldehyde.
  14. Sausages

  15. Dairy products of long shelf life
    All that is stored for more than 2 weeks can not be consumed.
  16. Rolls, muffins, rolls and other pastries in packages
    Yes, such rolls in packages do not stale, do not deteriorate, do not dry. With them nothing is done at all! They will lie for a month, and in a month they will be the same as today.
  17. Overseas teas, flavored teas and many of our
    Drink only natural tea, in which nothingFloats and there is no additional taste. All flavored teas contain either citric acid, or orange acid, or some other acid. Addictive arises instantly.
  18. Teas

  19. Refined deodorized vegetable oil
    This oil can not be used in raw form in salads. Oil produced by factories is obviously not intended for use by the product.

    Such oils do not do any good to the digestive system and drown out its work, blocking all the processes of digestion by a fatty substance.

  20. Sweet fizzy drinks
    A mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases is unlikelyBe considered useful. Besides all, without exception, sweet fizzy drinks are harmful because of the high concentration of sugar (equivalent to 4-5 teaspoons per glass of water). So do not be surprised if you quench your thirst with such a soda, you'll want to drink again in five minutes.
  21. Juices in packets
    Nor about any natural juices in this case it does not go. Natural juices in packages simply do not exist! And do not you dare to give them children, it's pure chemistry.
  22. Juices

Of course, this is an approximate list of products, fromWhich we recommend to discard completely. But it is worth it to do or not, it's up to you. But remember that not only does your health and physical activity depend on your choice, but also life! Be sure to acquaint your friends with this article and choose only the right products.