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Games for children on the road

Long Travel for children And their parents - this is a real test. So that the road does not turn into the vagaries and pampering of the baby, it must be occupied with something interesting. And it is even better to spend this time with benefit for the child. For this we have collected the best road games for thinking. Choose and play with your child!

Games for children on the road

  1. Game "many words per letter"
    Call the nouns one by one for a certain letter. From whom the words ended - he lost.
  2. Game of letters
    Pick up items that begin with the same letter. For example, you saw a dog. Give the child this word. Let him look for a description of the letter c - "the dog ate a sausage." and so on.
  3. Back-to-back game
    Take a word and ask the childSay it the other way around. For example, "the sky" will sound like "auben". If the child will get a good word to speak the opposite, you can encrypt for him a whole message: "Honey honey anjalp!".
  4. The game "minute"
    For this game you need a few players. One sets a theme, for example "the sea", and the other should in a minute tell everything that comes to his mind on this topic, but most importantly - do not stop exactly a minute.

    Who hesitated - he also lost. This game can Play children from 5 years old. She trains a speech apparatus, the ability to quickly find a solution, to maintain a conversation on certain topics.

  5. Cheerful children

  6. Cipher game
    Choose a word, for example "chair", and come up with a baby sentence, the words of which begin with the letters of the invented word. So: "Today you smiled at the Lanier."
  7. The lost letter game
    Decide with the child what letter you will not use. For example, g. Now talk to each other, avoiding it. so: "Come on, let's go to the store?" - "OK. I suggest in the one near the pool. " "A great idea, let's go soon!".

    and so on. The child will think about it, and also develop vocabulary, picking up in memory the words-synonyms, which had not been used before.

  8. Yes-no game
    Think of a word, and let the childAsks questions to which only "yes" or "no" can be answered. Then swap roles. Teach the child to ask questions about the qualities of the subject, then it will be easier for him to guess.

With such games your child will not have time to get bored on the road. Share with friends these ideas for fun with children!