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Tips for an ideal hairstyle

Hair is the main ornament of a woman. And their length is not at all important. The main thing is that it is correct and Suitable hairstyle And her grooming. We suggest that you learn 9 simple tricks to create the perfect hairstyle.

These little things are very simple, but they are worth knowing to every woman. Take note!

How to make a beautiful hairstyle

  1. Ideal beam
    First, make a rubber band "bagel". Cut off the tip of the sock and curl into the steering wheel what's left. Then tie the hair in a high pony tail. Stretch the tail through the "bagel". Take the tip of the tail and, holding it with your fingers, start turning the sock. Thus hair will be wound on it. When finished, distribute evenly strands so that you can not see the gum. Fix hairdress with a varnish.
  2. How to make a beam

    How to make a beam

  3. Beach curls in 5 minutes
    In order to keep the locks all day long,Apply a textured spray to wet hair. Then undress them into parts. Wrap each strand in a tight tourniquet and sushi with a hair dryer. After that, easily draw your fingers through your hair, as if you were combing them.
  4. Beach curls

  5. Hayratnik
    Wind your long hair over a hirak, before you put it on your head.
  6. Hayratnik

  7. Double wavy tail
    Stripped the hair on the upper and lower parts. Make the upper part of the simple version of "Malvinka". The remaining hair is gathered in the tail at the back of the head.
  8. Wavy tail

  9. Say no to the sloppy hairstyle!
    If you want to have a perfectly smooth hairstyle, sprinkle a brush for the carcass or a toothbrush that you do not use any more, with a hair spray and smooth unruly hairs.
  10. hair spray

  11. Light curls
    How to make curls: gather hair for the night under an elastic band. This trick is suitable for women with light and soft hair.
  12. Light curls

  13. How to properly use the invisible
  14. Invisible

  15. Spiral studs
    If you have heavy straight or naughty hair, use spiral studs that screw into them. With them the hair will stay for a very long time.
  16. Spiral studs

  17. Raise the tail
    So that the tail is high and not hanging, use a few invisible to lift it.
  18. tail

With these tips your hair will look just fine. And most importantly - there is nothing complicated.

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