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Morning procedures for men

in order to Maintain their health And a neat appearance, you need to monitor this regularly. There are many different procedures for men, but the most effective are those that are performed in the morning.

At first it will be difficult Develop a habit, But then you will do all the actions on the machine. Take a note of at least a few of these morning routines and feel more confident and healthy.

Morning habits of men

  1. Start the day with cardio
    morning work-out Or even a full exercise will give cheerfulnessAnd high spirits. Also it will allow better coping with stress throughout the day. Despite the fact that any type of morning exercise will be of use, give preference to cardio training, because in the morning hours more fat is burned.

    Strength training postponed to a later time. If there is no time to ride a bicycle or do a morning run, it does not matter. Come out a couple of stops earlier, when you go to work, and walk them on average.

  2. Brush your teeth
    Clean teeth in the morning for at least 3 minutes, and also notForget about cleaning your tongue. This can be done with a toothbrush, as well as a special scraper. You will get rid of bacteria that can get into the stomach and cause a variety of diseases. Bacteria in the tongue - a frequent cause of bad breath, as well as diseases of the mouth. Do not forget about dental floss.
  3. Man is brushing his teeth

  4. Drink water on an empty stomach
    Water normalizes the digestive system, prepares the body for food intake, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  5. Eat breakfasts
    In order to fully work and feelYourself is good all day, do not skip breakfast. The best dense breakfast is a combination of easily assimilated proteins and slow carbohydrates, so try to eat cereal flakes with fruit and yogurt for breakfast or an omelette with vegetables. And, of course, nobody canceled the classics: oatmeal, sir!
  6. Take care of your beard
    Most women prefer the freshly shavedMen, so take care to devote time to this important procedure. If you think that the beard is an inalienable attribute of the male image, then find at least 3 minutes a day to bring it in order. Wash your face with soap and water, and do not forget to comb it.
  7. bearded man

  8. Take lunch with you
    If you are one of those who do not have time, try taking lunch with you only twice a week - and you will notice that your weight will decrease, and also it will normalize Cholesterol level And pressure.
  9. Use a facial cleanser
    As a man, you were taught to wash with soap andWipe your face dry - this is all you need in caring for appearance. But such care is not suitable for everyone. A normal body soap dries out the face and causes peeling or irritation, which is especially felt in the summer. Choose a cleanser, which was developed specifically for men. In this there is nothing shameful. To quickly give yourself a cheerfulness, wash with cold water.
  10. Use caffeine
    Drink in the morning black coffee or tea - it's just a storehouse Antioxidants, Which help to look young. The use of these drinks in small amounts can reduce the risk of senile dementia and some forms of cancer. In addition, a cup of coffee will give the same feeling of recovery, which is so necessary in the morning.
  11. Use your scent
    Before going out, take advantage of your companySmell. He will be associated with you. To smell all day, use deodorant, cologne and even soap of the same brand. Just do not overdo it.

Kiss your favorite woman and go to work with a good mood.

Take note of these useful recommendations on how best to start a day for a man, and share them with friends.