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Rules of life of Peter Mamonov

«Prayed - it helped!"- chuckling, explains the protagonist Petr Mamonov inA philosophical comedy film "tent-show". This slogan sounds so natural from the mouth of the famous actor - that's who not only knows how to speak beautifully, but also lives accordingly. Experiments with drugs and alcohol remained in the distant past of a cheerful musician, it seems, he knew The secret of happiness For himself and do not hesitate to share it with others.

People are accustomed to complicate everything, but the road to truth and happiness does not need to be paved with suffering, love - this is the medicine! And Mamonov can not help but love for these bright statements, which will be supported even in the most difficult moments.

Quotes about the life of Petr Mamontov

  1. Always look into the eyes of the interlocutor.
  2. Say: "I love you", even when you are not completely sure about it. Say it more often.
  3. Do not hurt people and do not take offense at others.
  4. Do not be afraid of change, but do not desire it.
  5. Play music, sing your favorite songs as often as possible. Go to concerts.
  6. Never scold others, do not judge others' tastes.
    Quote Petrine Mammon.
  7. Fall asleep with a smile.
  8. Always congratulate your friends on your birthday.
  9. Go to God, search for God. Even if you do not believe in it.
  10. Give gifts.
  11. Call parents.
  12. Life is not a resort at all.
  13. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous.
  14. Think about your loved ones.
  15. Have a share of knowledge.
  16. If you wear a beard - shave, if not - grow. Change.
    Quote Petrine Mammon.
  17. Do not watch TV.
  18. Let others take care of you.
  19. Search in all the bright side.
  20. Have sex with only your loved one.
  21. Do not be afraid of death, but be careful not to lose loved ones. Do not be afraid of anything anymore.
  22. Quote Petrine Mammon.

  23. Be foolhardy over everything except children.
  24. believe in yourself.
  25. Do not lie to parents and doctors.
  26. Learn to lose and not regret it.
  27. Quote Petrine Mammon.

  28. Take pictures of your friends.
  29. Do not scold anything that you did, and do not criticize the choices of other people.
  30. Do not give up badly about other people.
  31. Marvel at the world!
  32. Do not waste time on people you care about.
  33. Quote Petrine Mammon.

Mamonov successfully performs the role of himself, whatever he does now - music, movies, performances with his participation are bribed with their authenticity. «Chocolate pushkin» Our time gives faith and hope to those who are confused and do not know what to be happy about today.

Give friends these thoughts Mamonov Petrine, remind them of the most important thing!