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Things that are not enough in the household

American dream - that's how you can call inventions that appeared in the homes of the owners of America and at times made it easier for them to live. It seems, if I had such Adaptations, I would surely constantly smile, like those characters from television advertising, who are always clean, cozy and have ready meals in the house.

Live in comfort - too much temptation to get away from himRefuse, and do not need it. The best way is to find out what such wonderful things are in their "houses", which we do not have, and to equip their dwelling with devices that help them live. These 13 things are by no means all the best that can be seen at the disposal of a foreign landlady. But an easy envy is already present ...

The things that make life easier for housewives

  1. Large, deep shell
    If you've never tried Wash the dishes In such a shell, it lost a lot. Convenience is undeniable! Everything fits, nothing splashes, it is convenient to soak dishes in it, to clean vegetables and to conduct many other kitchen procedures.
  2. Deep shell

  3. Storage tanks total
    Colored glass jars Can be adapted for storage of cereals, coffee, tea,Spices, small kitchen utensils and all sorts of other trifles. Also these banks are used as interior decoration or as vases. Only I do not always have enough at home?
  4. Glass jars

  5. laundry
    Washing machine and dryer do not occupy space in theHouse: for this purpose there are special laundries. The only exception is private homes, in which the laundry is located in a separate room. In the apartment house the laundry is located on the technical floor, there are still separate paid laundries where you can wash your things by simply throwing a coin into a washing machine.
  6. Laundry at home

  7. wardrobe
    Who among us did not dream of a separate room for things and shoes? I do not cease to hope that someday I will have one. There it is easy to find things and conveniently maintain order.
  8. wardrobe

  9. Individual bedside tables near the bed
    Why should they be the same? Because everyone has their own needs! Differing from each other bedside tables and sheets on elastic bands, it's worth borrowing.
  10. Bedside tables near the bed

  11. Shower for two!
    Romantic and very functional invention. Saving time, no clattering of teeth from the cold, waiting for their turn to get under the warm jets - all for a joint romantic wash.
  12. Shower for two

  13. Good backlight
    Lamps of directional light help to highlight exactly what you need - a work surface, a book, a mirror. In such lamps is usually regulated brightness, which is also very convenient.
  14. Illumination

  15. Thoughtful design of parties
    We so lack understanding that happiness consists of bright little details! Parties in a thematic style with appropriate accessories adorn life.
  16. Party decoration

  17. Additional storage
    Built-in locker, sometimes - even withRefrigerator, where you can still place all the food. All laid out carefully, carefully, the products are hermetically sealed. Nor about any moth in food reserves, even speech does not go!
  18. Cadet

  19. Food Chopper
    The food shredder built into the sink is notjoke. There is such an invention, and how wonderful it is! Nothing to do with the food processor food chopper. Its function is to grind organic garbage - cleaning, the remains of food - and send it through the pipe to the sewer. Thus, the bin looks neater and smells more appropriate.
  20. Food Chopper

  21. Festive decor
    We do not usually decorate the house for any reason. But it's a pity ... psychologists have proved that this relieves people from the routine perception of the world, reduces stress, soothingly acts on those who are too busy. Our mistresses do not hurt!
  22. Festive decor

  23. Bench in the shower
    To do hair removal, to cut nails, to enjoy a bath for feet it is possible directly in a shower, sitting on a bench. And you can wash yourself, sitting comfortably. beauty!
  24. Bench in the shower

  25. grill
    A home grill is simply a must for all of us! opportunity To cook grilled meat at home, Without excess fat, fry vegetables and bread and cheese - what you need for any family. Fast, tasty, useful, as opposed to eating from a microwave.
  26. grill

Inspired by these ideas, I want to dream even more about the perfection of the world around. I do not understand why such obvious ways To make housewives easier So far we are not in fashion.

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