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Spelling errors

covering letter This is an additional chance to prove yourself, butMany applicants for some reason neglected them. Instead of writing an original, convincing explanation of why they should be hired, most rely on jaded jargon and clichés that immediately make the letter indistinguishable from hundreds of others.

If you want to bypass competitors already at the start - try to avoid the following expressions.

Errors in cover letter

  1. «Respected»
    Having read this appeal, the potential employer will immediately understand that he does not need you. Laziness is not the quality for which the company will hunt you.

    According to one of the leading experts on developmentCareer Mary Ellen Slater "impersonal treatment shows that the applicant did not have time to ask who exactly he wrote." We advise you to work a little and find out the name of the addressee.

    Stress at work

  2. "I would like to get a job in ..."
    I would like to hope that your letter is attachedAn alarm clock because the reader is already asleep. Unfortunately, very many cover letters begin in exactly the same way. If dickens started a "story about two cities" not with the famous phrase: "it was the best of all times, it was the worst of all times", but: "dear reader, there is a very long book before you," hardly anyone Would read more than one page.

    Of course, you do not need to write a novel, butTo tell the relevant anecdote is worth it. Because even in our time, when data is processed by computers, at some stage your letter will be read by a living person. No intriguing story? Start with your strengths! If you love the product of the company or are some kind of excellent specialist - start with this to get the target.

  3. "I think I'm an ideal candidate for this position"
    Firstly, this is twice stupid. The words "I think", "I feel" and "I believe" in the business environment are not quoted. And it's not for you to judge whether you are perfect or not. By the way, starting the sentence with the "I", you sound much more confident than using these "weak" verbs. As for the statement that you are an ideal candidate, it is better to show why you are suited to the requirements listed.
  4. "I'm an effective team player"
    This nonsense can be omitted and replaced by a list of real achievements and indicators. Agree that the phrase "reader involvement has grown by 17%" sounds much better than the "team player".

    Do not forget to mention what you did onThe previous place of work and what was the result for the company. Avoid excessive use of the pronoun "I". It's like a romantic acquaintance - thinking too much about yourself, you can create the impression of an indiscreet person.

  5. "I like your company so much ..."
    There is another extreme: Candidates dedicate most of the cover letter of their love to a potential employer. It looks stupid when certain boundaries cross over. No one likes toadies.
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Remember that a cover letter is a chance.To present yourself in a favorable light. Use it correctly! Hope our article is useful not only for you, but also for your friends. Dream job - it's real!