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How to look rich

What is needed to maintain the idealAppearance? Really only money? Money, of course, play a huge role in this matter - you can buy expensive clothes, equipment, buy expensive drugs and personal care products. But without inner willpower and Aspirations for excellence Penny the price of any capital!

We recommend all people who do not have the means -Make emphasis on the fact that you have the willpower. This power is amazing, thanks to it, even a person with small means can look luxurious. Because the secret is in the other ... thoughtful actions always give a good result.

Image consultant Sylvie di jousto believes: It does not matter how much you earn. It is important what kind of self-confidence you emit. Among the clients of the sylvie are managers of large corporations, such as mckinsey, bmw and thomas cook.

How to look rich

  1. Spend money on clothes correctly!
    Buy 3 times less things, but they should be 3 times more expensive. Expensive, quality things - a sign of good well-being and feeling confident.
  2. Watch out for details
    Remember that details can tell a lot about you.To tell. The pinched case that covers the phone - it's just indecent. Pay attention to every little thing, and then you will be perceived whole. Dress up to look taller, wear heels - this will help you feel confident.
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  4. Everyday - does not mean sloppy
    Style casual has long been entrenched as a relevant andRelevant everywhere. Business image, diluted with a few everyday details - this is casual. Make sure that your suit is in good condition, even if it contains an element of negligence.
  5. Less perfume!
    It is in Italy and France, it is customary to splatter generously with perfume and bathe in waves of pronounced aroma. It is considered bad form in us, so always remember about moderation.
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  7. Be confident in yourself
    Even knowing about some shortcomings in the attire, still be sure of your own irresistibility. Do not worry about anything! And you will be on top. People feel how you treat yourself.
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  9. Sleep enough time
    A good dream is the guarantee of a good appearance. Always lie down and get up at the same time, then your skin will be young, radiant, fresh in appearance. Sufficient sleep helps maintain a cheerful mood and increases efficiency.
  10. Smile
    No one likes dull people, problem women,Ever aching men. A smile will open all doors to you, especially if it's sincere and reflects your inner world. It bribes and testifies to the good state of your affairs. Smile, and more often!

Even without a million in your pocket, you can look like this,As if your life is at a high level of well-being. The impression of a decent, well-earning, responsible person is profitable to produce for everyone, and, as you see, there is not much that is necessary for this!

Do not forget: your appearance is the first thing that other people pay attention to, make it to your advantage. Show these 7 useful tips to your friends!