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Is a vegetarian diet safe for children?

vegetarianism Is gaining increasing popularity. Vegetarian parents, choosing for themselves such a way of life, think about transferring to such a system of feeding their babies and motivate it by the fact that eating animal food disgusts human nature.

Of course, during the introduction of the first meat complementary foods, many babies completely refuse to try a new product. But at this stage of child development Vegetable puree It's also not very hard to eat ...

Vegetarian children

Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Children?

The fact that meat, fish, dairy products is the main Source of proteins, A building material for the muscular mass of the baby. Switching to a vegetarian diet, a child can lose easily assimilated iron, zinc, calcium ...

Competent dietician is able to form a diet in which The body of a child Will receive the necessary elements in sufficientQuantity. And at the same time nutrition does not harm development. Vegetarians from birth do not happen, this is already a conscious choice, usually adults. Perhaps it is worth giving the child the opportunity to fully form and take an independent decision?

Another thing, if the choice A vegetarian diet Is caused by medical indications. In some diseases, the rejection of meat products is recommended for medicinal purposes. So, in diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, it is better to limit oneself to fatty foods of animal origin.

A well-designed diet will not harm the child. But for this, of course, you need to contact a nutritionist-professional. be healthy!

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